Top Home Matters to Take Care of Before You Sell

Top Home Matters to Take Care of Before You Sell

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Our homes are so many different things to us. Not only are they our sanctuary from a busy and demanding world, the place we spend time with our family and often entertain our friends, but for an increasing number of people home is now also a workplace – whether you’re launching your own business or just joining the growing numbers of remote workers. And on top of that, our homes are also usually the single biggest financial investment we make as well. They have to work hard for us, and so it’s only natural that when it comes to selling a home, we’re all anxious to realize the best possible price. You will find there is usually a dramatic difference in the price you can command for a home that is well looked after, in the very best condition, newly fitted out and beautifully presented, and one that looks down at heel. While you can’t change major factors such as location, land value and other things that will go towards making the price, there are a lot of things that you can control. That’s why, before putting your property on the market, it makes sense to take care of all the elements you can. Not only can this add value to the bottom line price in some cases, but it can also encourage more offers which is more likely to spark a bidding war and drive the price up even further! So, what should you take care of before you try to sell your home?

Paint The Interiors

This is a winner because it’s such an easy and relatively inexpensive thing to do, but it can make such a huge difference to the saleability of your home. Paint is an easy, cheap way to dramatically change your house, and when it comes to house sales there’s one rule – neutral all the way! Even if it’s not to your personal taste, what you’re trying to do is help potential buyers to picture is as their home, not yours. Neutral walls in soft grey, beige or white appeal to a broader range of people, and even if your buyers are into bold color it presents the property as a blank canvas for them to go wild on. Plus, lighter shades make your home look airy and much bigger. If there are any rooms with dingy, old paint you may not think it matters, but people tend to see one sign of neglect and wonder what else is wrong or hasn’t been seen to, so if you can, paint every single space fresh. If your taste runs to bold wallpapers, these should usually be removed as well, as some buyers see having to remove wallpaper as a barrier – and successful home selling is all about removing as many obstacles as possible.

See To The Roof

It’s often something we overlook, but the condition of your roof is very important to improve the saleability of your home. If a roof looks old and is missing shingles or in a bad condition, buyers assume it will need to be replaced and shy away from the huge expense – especially as moving house is already an expensive enough process! Additionally, a roof that is damaged can let water into the property and cause serious structural issues further down the line, and may potentially show up on a survey of the property. So it’s much better to work with a trusted professional like Hometown Roofing ATX to repair any damage and make sure everything is fully watertight.

Give It Some Curb Appeal

One of the most underrated aspects of developing a property to sell is the idea of it’s ‘curb appeal’. Put simply, this means how appealing your home looks from the outside. Buyers will start forming an impression of your home as soon as they pull up outside, and these first ideas can be extremely hard to change. Keeping the exterior of your home fresh and well cared for makes it instantly uplifting to those visiting and gives a great welcoming impression. Make sure any fences are complete panels and freshly painted, hedges and shrubs are trimmed and the lawn is kept well mown. Hire a jet washer to hose down patios and driveways so they look fresh and well kept. Add a few hanging baskets or planters with bright flowers in, and if you have features outside that you’d rather disguise, then use trellising with climbing parts like wisteria to hide it from view. Make sure all windows are clean and gleaming and consider repainting the front door and getting a new welcome mat to maximize the appeal of the house. There are lots of low cost exterior home improvements that you can go in for that will have a bit effect on the look of your home.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a significant space in your home – it’s where the family gathers together, and it’s also where we tend to entertain. Kitchens are fairly expensive to replace, so a lot of buyers will be unwilling to do this straight away, and so making the kitchen look presentable is a big way to improve the selling power. It usually doesn’t make financial sense to undertake a complete renovation and refit before selling unless specifically advised to do so by a real estate agent. But there are lots of smaller things you can do to really upgrade the room. You could look at repainting tired looking kitchen cabinets or even entirely replacing the doors while leaving the carcasses of the units. Countertops can be easily replaced for something more modern in style and without marks, or there are even ways to recover countertops with adhesive plastic in different finishes like marble print. You can also paint and perhaps even upgrade some of the older appliances – in some cases you may even be able to take these with you when you move unless they are integrated. Remember, you don’t have to splash out on the top brands. Go for something affordable that looks new and clean and it will make a far better impression. You can also do a lot by retiling your kitchen or painting your existing tiles and upgrading the lighting in the room.

Makeover Your Bathrooms

Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is a space that prospective buyers are keenly interested in – and it makes sense. Not only is it the space in which we start and end our days, but also one of the rooms in the house which get the most usage and can show signs of wear and tear quickly. A clean and functional bathroom is an absolute must for most home buyers, so it’s well worth investing a little extra time and effort into making your presentable. Any minor problems such as a leaking faucet or a toilet that doesn’t flush properly should be sorted out before you take viewings. It’s also worth buying a grout pen and freshening up between the tiles to make the room look a lot more presentable and cleaner. Another trick is to replace the toilet seat to instantly make the space look fresher and less worn. If you want to go a step further, then it’s possible to achieve a lot by changing the taps or retiling, as well as repainting wherever it’s needed. Any surfaces that look dingy need to be considered. Buyers can be very fussy about the condition of these rooms as they know they are expensive to completely replace, so making them look clean and well-kept is important. 

Change Your Lighting 

It’s a seemingly small detail that many of us completely overlook, but in fact the lighting scheme in your home is a powerful thing. The right lighting can completely change the feel of a room – making small, cramped spaces seem intimate, cosy and inviting and large spaces bright and social. You can also add character to a plain or awkward space with a statement pendant light or highlight great architectural features with uplighters or LED strips. There are lots of options for affordable, well-designed lighting out there now, so it doesn’t have to cost the earth to give your lights a makeover. Dated light fixtures can be easily swapped out for more modern and chic lighting designs that will do your property justice and get the bids you deserve. 

And Finally… The Details

Sometimes we get so used to seeing our homes that we don’t actually ‘see’ them, and the little details which make up an overall impression to buyers are lost on us. It’s important to take a step back and take care of those small things – doorhandles, light switches, freshly painted windowsills – they all contribute to making the house seem well cared for and make a positive impression on your buyers. If you are worried that you’ve missed some details, then ask a trusted friend to come round and cast a critical eye over the place. 



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