Explained: 7 Roofing Concerns That Every Industrial Owner is Having Right Now

Explained: 7 Roofing Concerns That Every Industrial Owner is Having Right Now

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Purchasing AND maintaining an industrial property is no easy task, and you may need support from some industrial roofing contractors. The potential roof-related problems can be slightly overwhelming for someone who isn’t well versed in this area. A zillion property issues popping up at once will leave you dazed.

Well, it might help to know that you are not alone.

We have listed some of the most common questions that people have related to roofing – and we have answered them. Check it out here:

Your Roof Can Be Affected By Standing Water

According to Safe Roof Experts, any industrial roof needs a proper drainage system. It’s essential for you to clean your roof’s gutters and downspouts more frequently than you actually do. Overlooking regular cleaning may lead to water ponding, which is detrimental to your roof’s structural integrity.

Standing Water Affects The Durability Of The Roof

Here’s how this occurs. Standing water is soaked up by a roof. This makes the roof heavier than usual. It all depends on the materials used for your roof. One must have the foresight to avoid this potential damage. This will also preserve the structural integrity of a building. 

There Are Multiple Reasons Why You Have A Leaking Roof

There are several reasons that can cause leakage in a commercial roof. It is a common problem that business owners regularly face, especially in areas that receive heavy rainfall. The following could affect and degrade the quality of a roof:

  1. The environment: Heavy rains, piling of snow and ice
  2. Aging of the roof: Over time, older roofs become more vulnerable to damage during harsh conditions

Here is how you can help it. 

Although proper servicing can minimize potential damage, accidental wear and tear is inevitable.

Three Ways To Tell If It’s A Sure-Shot Leak

Over time, it gets easier to spot leaks but the following are a few ways to do so:

  1. When there are spots of discoloration 
  2. There is a foul smell lurking in the property
  3. If there is a formation of a mold 

Your Roof Be Damaged Due To Human Error

It’s ideal to treat your roof like you treat the rest of your property – with care. Although a properly serviced roof is sturdy and resistant to slight damage, the presence of any additional weight or equipment can be risky. In case you face physical damage, call in your contractor to fix it immediately.

You Should Be Worried If a Storm Is Approaching

Storms can also bring strong winds and hail with them, which should be an early concern. Even with the water damage from the storm, your roof could be in serious trouble. But there is no need to beat yourself up about it. If addressed early, potential harm can be averted. 

Get in touch with your nearest industrial roofing contractors for a maintenance check before the monsoon arrives. 

Your Roof Won’t Last Forever 

As easy as it sounds, it entirely depends on how often you service your roof Commercial roofs can last 20 years with proper maintenance and routine servicing. It may become imperative to replace your roof because of factors like unforeseen damage or ineffectiveness over the years. If you have any questions about your roof, reach out to Gustafson Roofing for a roof inspection.


Remember, if you suspect any problems with the quality of your roof, it’s advisable to get it checked immediately. No matter what the issue is, there isn’t a roof that cannot be fixed by a good roofing contractor. With their experience and skills, your roof is in safe hands. 

Hopefully, we were able to answer some of your queries! Meanwhile, if you have any other questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below and we’ll get right back to you. 



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