A Security Guide for First-Time Homeowners

A Security Guide for First-Time Homeowners

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As the security world keeps evolving, residents will be spoiled for choice. Those that have never owned a home before might be wondering where should they start with their own properties? If you have lived in a condo for most of your life, or perhaps a shared apartment, you might be at a complete loss because the landlord has always taken care of this area of living for you. Now that you and your family are on your own, it can be daunting to keep them safe. First-time home buyers might also believe that home security is too expensive and thus, it’s not worth the investment. Don’t worry about it, this guide will show you what you need.

Wellbeing took care of

Modern security systems such as those provided by a company like Watchmen Security Services focus on wellbeing too. For example, their unique security system will alert you when a room has an odd temperature. Maybe you left the oven on and the kitchen is far hotter than any other room in the house. The alert from the system will be sent straight to your phone, so you can go check on things. If your house is being flooded due to a burst pipe or just a natural disaster, the system will detect this and again, alert you. If the home is being poisoned with carbon monoxide, the system will detect this too. It can also automatically alert the emergency services to come and take a look at things to make sure you’re doing all right. So, aside from the usual anti-break-in and burglary protection, it also checks up on your wellbeing.

Cheaper alternatives to the holistic approach

If you cannot afford a holistic system like the one mentioned above, you can go for the cheaper alternatives. A simple fingerprint lock for your front and back door would be just fine. 

  • Samsung – Its fingerprint lock system is trusted the world over. It’s so simple to use and can be connected to other security systems. It’s strong and made from great materials. It can read your fingerprint even if your hands are wet and can store up to 100 different fingerprints so you can have family members open the door by themselves.
  • Ardwolf – the fingerprint door lock system this company provides is fantastically simple. It locks the doors automatically after just 5 seconds. The A20 system also allows for 100 fingerprints to be stored and valid. 

Window alarm

Most burglars aren’t professionals, but more opportunistic. Therefore they don’t have the skills to pick locks and be sly, they usually just use brute force to smash a window with a brick or batter the window frame with a crowbar. That’s why a window alarm would be a very cheap and useful security system. Not only will the alarm tell you of the danger but it can also be linked back to your wider security system to alert the local police department. 

If you don’t want a holistic security system, then there are always cheaper alternatives. One thing is for sure, you’re not dry of choices.


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