The Benefits of Granite Every Home Owner Should Know

The Benefits of Granite Every Home Owner Should Know

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Kitchens are the centerpiece of any home. They are typically the gathering place for meals, homework, get-togethers with friends, and bonding time with family. For this reason, the countertops you choose for your home should stand the typical wear and tear of cooking and family life while having a classic look that won’t go out of style. Granite countertops check off all these boxes.

A Durable Choice

Granite countertops stand the test of time because they come from durable stone. This material is scratch and chip resistant. With this surface, you can host parties on the kitchen island with flatware, drinkware, and even hot food without worrying about the condition of the countertops. Choosing a sealer for your countertop will repel stains, thereby extending the life of the stylish stone.

Added Value to Your Home

Aside from the durability of the stone, granite counters add value to your kitchen because they will never go out of style. With their classic natural look, granite countertops will always be a welcome element inside your home. For example, Alps white granite countertops will go with any décor and any cabinet color. The added value and classic look of granite is a great selling point if you put your house on the market. A buyer can easily fit their design aesthetic into your home without having to spend money on expensive new countertops.

Repels Bacteria and Spills

Granite countertops, especially sealed surfaces, resist bacteria and dirt because they are not porous. This feature means that liquids will not soak into the countertop. If you spill chicken juice on a granite countertop, the bacteria from the raw poultry will not seep through, and clean up is simple. Even spilled wine will not be a concern for sealed granite countertops.

A Perfectly Flat Surface

Although granite countertops come from natural stone, they are polished to retain the stone’s natural look and a high sheen. This process also creates a perfectly flat surface. Why is this important? Bakers and serious chefs need a flat surface for kneading dough and preparing gourmet meals. With granite countertops, you can exceed your culinary art expectations.

Easy to Repair

In the rare event that your granite countertop is scratched or chipped, the surface is usually easy to fix. For example, if a cast-iron skillet falls on the countertop causing a chip, any granite counter installer can quickly repair it. All it takes is dying putty to the color of the granite and applying it to the counter. The company where you purchased the granite may even offer a lifetime warranty on the countertop because damage to these surfaces is rare. In that case, repairs may even be free.

The many benefits of granite make it an excellent choice for any kitchen remodel or when choosing materials for new construction. Picking a neutral shade will ensure a classic look that will last for many years to come. Plus, the durability of the material means that it will withstand heat, stains, chips as well as wear and tear from large families.



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