How to Boost Your Closet Storage Space

How to Boost Your Closet Storage Space

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If there is a home that has the perfect amount of space and storage, then we would like to see it. The truth is, most homes struggle to keep everything stowed stylishly, but it is not impossible if you apply the right strategies. Instead of fearing a million things tumbling out of the closet next time you open it, here is how you can effectively boost your closet storage space without moving out and into a bigger home. Let’s get started!

Install Some Racks

Storage racks are a great way to take some of the bulk out of your closet and drawers, and coat racks and shoe racks are a great place to start. You can hang them from your closet door or really any door in your home so that they are arranged neatly on the side of a door, but out of the way and view. If you find an attractive coat rack, you can actually make this closet storage solution a bit of a focal point in your room or living space showcasing your best coats.

Baskets And Containers

Storage baskets and containers are a fantastic way to group things in your closet and keep them from getting messy on the shelf. This presentation also looks quite modern and stylish, especially if you invest in quality storage baskets and containers. This is actually a great way to separate your belongings from one season to another, reducing the bulk of unnecessary items in prime placement in your closet. Organising and grouping your closet is the most sustainable way to store your belongings, without having to tidy again and again each weekend.

Make Improvements To Your Closet

Instead of complaining and trying to make do with the limited closet space you have, consider making some DIY closet amendments that will result in better storage opportunities. If you have three wide shelves, could you add an additional shelf in the middle of each and have six shelves instead? Most older style homes have enormous overhead space, so think about adding some shelves or compartments for shoes, bags and other items not used every day. You don’t have to accept the closet you have as it is.

Utilise Floor Space

The floor of your closet is prime real estate that you can’t afford to waste, so it’s time to get creative in how you use the area. Vacuum sealed bags with out-of-season clothes can go on your closet floor as they are packaged and protected, as well as bags in dust bags, shoes in shoe boxes and anything else that is protected to be on the floor. Better yet, you can even deploy some of your baskets and containers to the floor which can often look a lot tidier than having nothing there at all.

Think About A Capsule-Style Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is all the rage with stylists and fashion influencers, as it contains those core essentials, typically about 30 articles, and only they are presented in your closet. We really do stick to a finite number of articles naturally in our week, and so by establishing a capsule wardrobe your closet has more than enough space to highlight these chosen pieces. Remember, those 30 pieces include shirts, bottoms, dresses, shoes and outwear so start assessing your closet and get ruthless. Challenge yourself to really narrow down what these items are and get your closet in shape once and for all.

For most of us, the closet is a source of shame as they never look like they should due to the sheer amount that we try and stuff in there. It doesn’t have to be like this, and you can actually be quite proud of your closet if you put the hard work into making it more aesthetic and manageable.


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