3 Clever Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

3 Clever Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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 A home’s curb appeal is the aura it generates to the outside world. Be it guests or passers-by; anyone who lays eyes on your house always falls in love.

Without improving your home’s specific aspects, it is impossible to get the sell at the right price in the current market.

Whether you intend on selling, keeping up with a trendy neighborhood, or wooing guests, using these clever ways will boost your home curb appeal in a way that will leave everyone impressed.

Decorate the Indoors

The inside of your house should have the basic components; all playing the unifying role of improving your home curb appeal.

Your immediate efforts should go to the following areas in this order.

Living Room

While improving your living area may seem easy and straightforward, this process requires meticulous planning for the perfect execution.

Cost-effective ways of increasing the appeal of your living space include:

Adding Plants

For a nature-inspired look, plants are the best. Apart from having health benefits, plant species increase the aesthetic value of your home.

Strategically place container plants within your house, and you’ll realize an improved curb appeal.

Update the Walls

An empty wall is often boring and dull. When you spruce up your walls with art or modern wallpapers, it makes your home look classier. Curtains also have a significant effect on how your walls look.

If you want your living room wall to better appeal, this guide to hanging draperies will supersede your expectations.

Rearrange the Furniture

Giving your house a fresh look doesn’t have to be expensive and rearranging furniture is proof of that. Aligning your furniture to have a better focal point, balance, and conversion place will transform your living room.


The kitchen is the simplest yet most complicated area of the house to improve. Without making improvements to your kitchen, your house can’t be appealing.

To improve such a prime position of your house, you need to:

Install New Hardware

Kitchen hardware requires constant upgrading to keep up with the market demands. Updating essential equipment, such as kitchen appliances and cabinets, will improve your home’s outlook.

Improve the Artificial Lights

A dark kitchen is uninteresting to look at and work in. Ensure your space has enough lights that are well-distributed. Spice up the look in your kitchen by placing peninsulas or goosenecks over lights in the room.

Spruce Up the Outside

The outdoor is perhaps where your focus and energy is essential. While there are clear-cut ways to improve your home’s outside look, this task may prove challenging when doing it alone.

Improving your outdoor curb appeal requires:

Nurturing Plant Life

Plants are significant in ensuring your outdoor maintains a natural look. The best approach is to incorporate different species in your front or back yard. While planting them is simple, the hard work comes when cultivating them to blossom.

Whether you have container plants by the main gate, flower baskets at the entrance, or a garden in your backyard, you must exercise basic plant maintenance for a better impact.

The easiest to maintain outdoor plants include:

  • Aguja (for a shady backyard)
  • Agave (drought prone areas)
  • Lilac sage (sandy soil backyards)
  • Oak leaf

If you lead a busy life, always make time for your outdoor plants, preferably on the weekends when you water and prune them to avoid total loss in the end.

Cleaning the Driveways

If you often ride through your driveways or host frequent guests on your premises, your driveway regularly gets dirty and develops potholes. By cleaning this area of your home, your front yard becomes more fresh and appealing.

Ensure you clean the entire stretch from the gated entrance to the parking area and doorstep.

Sufficient Lighting

Lights have a magical effect on your landscape at night that beats their impact on your home’s security. Lights that are strategically in place around your compound make your outdoor look beautiful and flawless. 

Landscape lighting lets you put your best foot forward by highlighting your garden’s best features and concealing the not-so-pretty parts (e.g., the pipes, wires, and other irrigation and electrical components) at night. Find durable, stylish landscape lighting from FX Luminaire to level up the aesthetics of your lawn or garden.

Paint the House

It is normal for the conditions of your home to deteriorate over time. For example, if you have kids, you will most likely come across drawings on the walls that ruin the house appearance.

An ideal yet cost-effective way of giving your home an instant boost is to paint the entire block. Start with the outdoors, including the window panes and doors, before applying paint in the inside areas.

Final Thoughts

Improving your home curb appeal isn’t a walk in the park. Apart from discipline, it would be best if you had the consistency to keep up with the current house market demands. If you want your home to look its best and compete favorably among others, use the tips above to make it attractive.


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