Beginners Guide to the Best Gaming Headsets

Beginners Guide to the Best Gaming Headsets

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The past few years have seen a great level of maturity in the designs of headphones, but when it comes to gaming and gaming-quality headsets, you’d have to be extra keen about what makes the gadgets. And with different features between the headsets preferred by casual and hardcore gamers, most gamers are often seeking that sense of realism; you’d have to be particularly careful about the headsets you settle on.

In this article, we’ll look at the main features that make headsets worth the tens or hundreds of bucks and also how to determine if the headsets you are eyeing will live up to your expectations and requirements or not.

So, let’s jump right into the important details and requirements that make the best gaming headsets.

1. Compatibility

The best gaming headsets must be compatible with Mac, PC, PS4, or your Xbox One. But you also need to think about the device you often use when gaming. So, if you play predominantly on your PC, you must find headsets that are compatible with the PCs, and if you prefer gaming consoles, take some time to check and confirm that the headsets are compatible with the Xbox One or PS4. Keep in mind that most Mac users have a hard time finding headphones that are compatible with their Apple devices, so, as manufacturers work on resolving these issues, make sure that the headsets selected will work well from the word go.

2. Connection Type

You don’t want to end up with fancy and expensive headsets that will not work with your console or PC because of different connection types. Essentially, the common headsets connections include the standard 3.5mm, the wired USB, dual 3.5mm, Bluetooth, and the ones that use wireless USB.

Now, if you are a PS4 gamer, you won’t have connectivity issues, but you may be in trouble if you are a PC gamer. To avoid such issues, keep in mind that there are headsets made for PCs specifically, and these require the installation of extra software or drivers for you to access some of the advanced features like the surround sound or EQ settings. So, if you need a USB headset for your PS4, confirm the devices’ compatibility on the box or the manufacturer’s website.

And if you are an Xbox gamer, you’d have to find the wireless USB headsets with support for your Xbox One system. Double-check all things compatibility. Also, you should know that in as much as the newer controllers for Xbox have 3.5mm headset jacks, older devices lack this feature, and you’d have to buy a Microsoft 3.5mm headset adapter.

To avoid connectivity issues with mobile devices, PCs, PC Vita, and PS4, opt for Bluetooth headsets.

3. Prolonged Use & Comfort

For peak gaming performance, comfort is crucial, which is why the best gaming headsets are both comfortable and non-obtrusive. These headsets are made of lightweight but durable materials that make it possible and easy for you to focus only on the game. You also need decent-quality headsets to lower the risk of earaches, headaches, and neck pain.

If you wear glasses, look for glass-friendly headsets that will not put pressure on your frames. The headphones should be lightweight too.

Also, on comfort, you need to consider the materials used for the ear cups and the headband. The leather earcups, for example, are quite comfortable unless your ears sweat. But there also are spongier earcups that boast excellent airflow though some of these are not very comfortable.

For the best headsets, ensure that the headband rests on the head comfortably without crushing the skull. Otherwise, you won’t be able to wear the headsets during the marathon gaming weekends.

4. Specifications for the mics

This is an important component of your headset, which means that your budget, notwithstanding the headsets you settle on, must have the best mic. The mic can be omnidirectional or unidirectional, with the difference between these two being the fact that the omnidirectional mics will pick sound from different directions, unlike the unidirectional mics that pic sound from one direction, meaning that the latter is a preferred option for gaming.

The other considerations to bear in mind include:

5. Whether the headset is wired or wireless – wireless options are preferred by most gamers but the need to recharge the batteries often make the wired headsets a preferred option for most gamers. Just be wary of drink spillages and cluttered spaces thanks to the untangled wires.

6. Closed or open gaming headsets, choose the former because they keep off distractions.

7. Sound quality – you need the best sound quality, and this is made possible by the incorporation of multiple drivers that ensure a true surround for different audio channels. Look for headsets with Dolby Headphone technology delivering the best of 7.1 virtual surround sound or the stereo game sound.

8. Sound format – for serious gamers, mono/ stereo is inadequate, and you need something with 5.1 or 7.1 audio hearing (directional).

9. Active noise cancellation

10. Also, it must be durable, and you must be able to find the spare parts easily.

A lot goes into gaming headsets, and you shouldn’t rush the purchase. Take the considerations above to heart, and even if you are wearing the headsets when mowing the lawn, you want to make sure that they work well despite the external noise. And speaking of lawnmowers, here are the best mower blades for weeds. These will ensure seamless mowing, with the headsets offering the best-uninterrupted mowing sessions.
Keep in mind that although the list above is long, checking the list of the best headsets for gaming shouldn’t be hard once you determine what features you need.


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