Costs to Be Aware of Before Moving House

Costs to Be Aware of Before Moving House

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Moving home costs more than the mortgage price and bills. Moving home involves many more financial bills than you might anticipate. Thus, it is good to be knowledgeable on how much more it can cost to move home to ensure it is within your budget and does not receive any unexpected bills that you cannot afford. For more on the costs to be aware of before moving house, keep reading. 

Removal costs

Although you may be able to move some of your belongings yourself, it is very unlikely that you will manage to move it all yourself. You can find help from local movers that will help you with the bigger, bulkier, and heavier items such as white goods, beds, and sofas. It might incur additional costs but is much safer and more convenient to get help with moving your home instead of trying to do it yourself. Depending on the distance you are moving and the amount of stuff you have, the price will vary. If you use this moving company and get it booked in advance, you will know how much to budget for and may be able to find a great deal. 

Paying a surveyor 

A surveyor is necessary to ensure the home you are moving into does not have any wear and tear that are not obvious to you, such as cracks in the ceilings or potential damp spots. You pay them to assess the property, including lofts, cellars, and garages. When you appoint your surveyor tell them if there are any particular concerns you have about the property. Walkthrough the house with them and make sure they look at everything, move furniture and have a good poke around. Ask questions and point out things that worry you and ask about them. After all, that’s what you are paying them for. Getting a surveyor incurs a fee but may help you save money and stress in the future.

Home insurance

All properties, commercial or residential, need insuring. It may not be a legal requirement to get insurance for your home, but it can pay out to cover huge costs caused by fire, theft, and flood damage. Home insurance is made up of building insurance, which protects the bricks and mortar of your home, and fixtures like kitchen units. If you are moving into a new build or your first home, then insurance is definitely worth it. The new-build home insurance warranty is useful, as it helps cover you from the cost of any initial repairs the house might need, as well as helping ensure your bank accepts you for a mortgage on your new home. If your new property doesn’t come with new build insurance, then it is possible to take out your own version of this insurance to cover it.

Before moving home, consider these costs. It is best to be prepared and not run out of money and find yourself stuck and cannot afford help with the move or proper insurance to protect your new home.


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  • So many people forget about setting a budget aside for removal. When you move, you’re very likely to end up with a whole bunch of things you don’t need… and some of those may not be easy to discard. Think of old bed frames, mattresses’, tables, large cabinets etc.

  • I definitely agree that the safety and convenience of getting a professional to help you with heavy lifting can help save money in the end. I’m not what one would consider a “strong” person physically, so I can see myself getting hurt and potentially injured if I try to lift things like heavy sofas by myself. I’ll prevent any accidents and unnecessary expenditures by hiring a moving service instead so they can handle all the heavy stuff.

  • Great point with the surveys! Lots of people forget about that and later on, are devastated when they realize the state of their new home. I had an assistance from a Man and Van service and they had notified me of such things occuring so I took care of it immediately.

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