How to Make Your New Home Secure

How to Make Your New Home Secure

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Moving home is fun, it’s exciting, it’s chaotic, but overall it should be a positive experience. Something that can take away from that positivity would be if a burglar broke into your home soon after moving in. In fact, this would make you think a lot less of your home, and instead of happy memories of enjoying it to its fullest, your thought would always be tainted by the idea that someone broke in and stole or damaged your belongings. 

To ensure this doesn’t happen and to make your house move a successful one, here are some useful tips on how to make your new home secure 

Secure The Doors 

When you first looked around the property before deciding to buy it, you might not have taken a good look at the exterior doors. Maybe you’ve never even open or closed them yourself until the day you arrive with Allied Van Lines and receive the keys. This is actually very normal. However, it does mean that when you do unlock the door for the first time or, more likely, when you lock it again, you may well notice that it’s not quite as secure as you think it is. 

To prevent any burglars from simply opening your door and strolling inside, make sure that you know exactly how to shut and lock the doors so they are safe. Also inspect the frames to check that they are secure. Is there a mail slot? If so, could someone reach inside and open the door or steal keys hanging from the lock? 

To secure the door, you should change the locks, install a deadbolt, and perhaps even choose to use smart locks instead. Definitely install a video doorbell for added peace of mind. 

Lock The Windows 

Around a third of all burglaries happen because of an unlocked or unsecured front or back door, and that means that two-thirds of burglars find another way inside. Some of them are sure to use the windows. Even if you think your window is secure, the standard locks that come from window manufacturers are locks that thieves can very easily break through, and that’s why it’s a good idea to use extra protection. 

Adding more robust latches and key-operated locks is a start, but it may not feel as secure as you want it to be. Other ideas that can give you a much better feeling of safety include changing the glass so that it’s thicker or adding window security film over the existing glass so no one can break it. You can even go down the technology route with your windows by installing glass break sensors that will alert you if someone attempts to break into your home in this way. 

Plenty Of Lighting 

No criminal is ever going to want to be lit up when they are attempting to break into a property, and having outside lighting in place means that anyone with any criminal intentions will more than likely bypass your home and find somewhere that won’t get them spotted quite so easily. 

 You don’t have to install a bright motion detector light if you don’t want to (although it’s a pretty good idea). You can have solar-powered outside lighting or lights that work on a timer to ensure that you are protected at all times. 


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  • All good ideas here, thanks for sharing. Don’t forget about putting up a fence. A privacy fence is often best for security, especially if you lock or latch it, as they’re hard to climb over.


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