5 Great Ways to Change Up Your Home Style

5 Great Ways to Change Up Your Home Style

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Updating your home can really change the space you live in and give you a completely new feel. Looking at the same walls all the time, especially if you are unsatisfied with how they look, can affect how you feel about spending time at home.

Your home should be a place you rush to get back to and enjoy spending time in. It makes sense that making updates to change anything you don’t like can help you to love your home more. Minor home renovations needn’t be expensive. And nor do you need to change the whole room. In fact, there are many little updates you can make to help you love your home a little bit more.

Create A Focal Point

Pick one part of the room to add a little bit of ‘wow’ to and create a focal point in the room. To avoid detracting from this, you should aim to keep the rest of the room uncluttered and simple to really make this feature stand out. From grand floor-length sweeping window dressings with statement plants adorning either side of the window in tall planters to adding a dark contrast to an otherwise light room to add depth.

Update Old Appliances or Fittings

Sometimes, you need to make a change that is more permanent than adding accessories or changing paintwork. Suppose a specific fitting in your home isn’t working or even isn’t working for you. Consider your options to update it. Take your bathroom. Start with one fitting at a time if money is an issue and replace your old bathroom suite with a new sink, for example, from Allora USA, then in time, change the bathtub or toilet and so on until you are pleased with the room.

Change the Lights

An easy update for any room is to replace the light fitting. Statement lights are a great way to add character to a room without a huge outlay. Or even add floor lamps to darker rooms to flood the room with light and create a brighter space.

Choose from flush ceiling lights for smaller rooms with low ceilings, spotlights up a staircase, or under kitchen cabinets. Add in a dramatic multi-bulb light fitting in larger rooms or even hanging pendant lights, a popular addition above kitchen islands.

Soft Furnishings

Add depth and texture to any room by updating the soft furnishings. Many people choose to have their furnishings add a splash of color and comfort to rooms in the house, so choosing a different color scheme, adding rugs from iconicrugs.com.au can really help you dress up an otherwise plain space. This is ideal if you are renting your home and unable to make any permanent changes to the decor of the walls or floors.


Plants are a great way to add color and life to a room. Choose from potted plants on shelves, hanging in crochet holders from the ceiling, or training from shelves on walls. Whenever you fancy adding a plant, make a statement by adding greenery to your home.


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