How a Customized Alfresco Can Transform your Outdoor Space

How a Customized Alfresco Can Transform your Outdoor Space

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Alfresco spaces are outdoor areas designed for entertainment, dining and relaxing. Unlike a patio, an alfresco is a living space usually connected to the house and easily opens up to the rest of the home. Since alfresco spaces are used all year round, they are often housed under roof extensions and a ceiling. They also have lighting fixtures to ensure night time use. A customised alfresco can revamp your outdoor space while serving several functionalities.

Dining Space

Alfresco dining is a great way to enjoy any meal. Nothing matches enjoying a meal in an outdoor space. The cool breeze and the outdoor view accentuate the dining experience to new heights. There are different designs for alfresco dining spaces. The furniture is customised for outdoor use. Since the chairs and tables are vulnerable to moisture and temperature damage, only sturdy materials are used. However, there is no limit to the furniture styling, but wooden dining chairs are a popular choice so you can have them for your outdoor dining space. Bench sitting is a great alternative if you are looking for a minimalistic design.

Outdoor Lounge

Alfresco spaces can house great lounging areas. The outdoor landscaping and hardscaping sets a beautiful background for an alfresco lounge area. You can design the space with comfortable sitting areas customised for lounging. There are customised sofas for outdoor spaces. They come with durable cushion covers that are easy to clean and can withstand the outdoor conditions. You may want to consider safety as you do this too – it can help to have a kinzer porch railing for instance, as that will ensure that the area is secured much more effectively. An alfresco lounge is great for hosting guests or relaxing after a long tiring day. Light fixtures accentuate the ambience and a good heating system and air conditioning will make the lounge usable throughout the year. A fireplace is a great addition to an alfresco lounge. It’s a beautiful centerpiece that makes the area cosy and sets the perfect ambience for relaxing. Aside from the heat, the flames in the fire cabin offer a unique background set to relax the mind.

Outdoor Entertainment Area

Alfresco areas are perfect for fitting entertainment fixtures. Instead of reserving movie night for the T.V room you can transform your outdoor area into an alfresco entertainment space. An outdoor cinema is a unique way to enjoy a movie with family and friends. All you need is a projector, a projecting screen and you can have your own little movie theatre at the comfort of your home. Outdoor cinemas are not only great for watching movies on summer evenings but also catching live sporting events with family and friends. Moreover, you can install a sound system to heighten your movie experience. Adding music to your alfresco dining or get-togethers will also make your outdoor space a favourite for family and guests.

Outdoor Bar and Barbecue

One of the most stunning installations you can have in your alfresco area is an outdoor bar. An alfresco bar saves you trips to your kitchen fridge and couples well with outdoor entertainment areas. It’s also a great addition if you are fond of hosting cocktail parties. The set up only needs a fridge for your drinks and a counter table for the guests. Shelves are also a great fixture for holding wine bottles and utensils. An alfresco bar alongside a barbecue grill is another perfect setup for a backyard grilling. The installation is certain to revamp your summer barbecue experience.

A customised alfresco revamps the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces while increasing versatility. You can personalize the space with unique light designs and floor finishes. The outdoor feel is the hallmark of an alfresco space, therefore it’s important to ensure the space blends with the exterior design.


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