Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office

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Working at home has become a mainstay for most people in 2020 and 2021; and there are even companies who look to implement this as a permanent change in their work design.

Setting up your work at home can be useful and it can be a great way to avoid the commute and enjoy a more flexible working environment. By being at home you’ll be able to manage your own schedule as well as avoid those boring meetings. 

Having a home office is a crucial element to working from home, and providing yourself with a productive place to work will make a huge difference to your day. Today we want to share a few different ways you can spruce up your home office to make it more comfortable as well as productive. 

Install dual screens 

One thing you will soon notice when you change from one screen to two is the ease of working it creates. Having to switch windows constantly between emails and other work can be time consuming and it can break your workflow – so having two monitors side by side can be a much better option. This way, you can have your emails or a reference point on one screen and your work on another. You’ll get more done and you’ll be able to concentrate much more easily on your work. 

Hang a whiteboard 

One thing that can be a challenge when working from home is motivation and procrastination. It is important for you to create a to do list to keep you focused throughout the day, and the best way to do this is with a whiteboard on the road. Make sure to hang a whiteboard where you can see it easily and write down your outstanding tasks here each day. It will bring a sense of focus to your work and ensure that you are able to be as productive as possible. 

Use a dock for your phone 

When working from home it is always good to have your phone handy for calls. One way to ensure that your desk stays clean and tidy is to invest in a dock for your phone beside your computer. You can also think about using iphone screen repair and getting yourself a new screen protector to keep it new and protected while you use it. 

Make it homely 

One of the biggest benefits to working at home rather than in an office is that you can decorate it in a way that works for you. A home office can be much cosier than a regular one with a comfortable chair, candles, a blanket for colder days, and even a few art pieces on the wall for inspiration. Decorate your office in a way that works for you and have fun with it. Make the perfect room for you and it will make you feel much more productive every day as you start your working day. 

Upgrade your internet

Getting a better internet connection can make working from home a pleasant experience. All that time usually spent waiting for pages to load could be a thing of the past. What you do with your spare time is up to you, maybe a coffee break or two? You can look up how to compare and switch broadband if you’re unsure how it all works. You can also check specific deals in your areas by using postcode availability checkers.

Use these ideas to spruce up your home office today and enjoy a productive workspace. 


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