Work From Home Tips To Keep You Productive and Healthy

Work From Home Tips To Keep You Productive and Healthy

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COVID-19 pandemic makes most office workers face the changing of work method which is shifting from office environment to working from home but the working burden may be the same. There are many positive aspects that we can get from working at home such as it will make us more comfortable like a private room with our favourite linen curtains or our favourite sofa that makes us work better  because we have familiar components and make us more productive. Here’s the tips for you to stay productive at home.

Choose A Good Working Environment

Working in a new environment may be confusing but how about working in a new environment that you are familiar with? It will be a very good idea for some people. Good working environment can be created from the setting of your working room or maybe your rest room. You can start to create your dream working room or redecorate your old room to become a room that is suitable for your work.  A good working room is different between one person and another. So, it depends on what you need to work on. Usually it consists of a working desk, a working chair that must be fully functional to do the work but also must be comfortable for you. You can choose a desk that is ergonomically good based on your height so your thigh and knee don’t hit the table. You must choose the chair that is comfortable too for your spine, so it will make your endurance to work increase because the chair doesn’t make your back in pain. The other component that you must consider in your private working space at home is the door. The door can help you to minimize the distraction from outside that will help you to focus on your job hence you will be more productive.

Choose the Good Lighting

Lighting for your room also is an important component to make your room brighter hence it will make you comfortable at work because the more light is in your working room, it will make you not sleepy compared with the dim light. If you are working in your own house, You must choose the room that has natural lighting during the day because it will cost and it will make you healthier because natural light can help to regulate temperature better and also kill the microbes in the room. The intense light also can not be good for our working space, so it is better to use some barrier like the curtain in the window to help us to block the excessive sun rays. You can choose the curtain with linen as the material because it can help you to block the sun rays maximally, so the temperature will not be hot inside the room. The linen curtain is good for the working room because it is simple, stylish, and eco-friendly. It is available with many different colors that are produced by natural fiber fabrics that will make you not only free to mix and match the good one that is suitable for your room but also helps to sustain the environment. If the room is bright and also has a good color scheme, you will be more ready to begin your work.

Take a Break

It is an important aspect for you all to begin work at home. Don’t forget to plan all of your activities including taking a break between the working hours. It is important for you to take a break because it will help you to reset the boredom that will appear during the working hours. You can fulfill the break time with useful activities such as stretching your upper and lower extremities. Stretching will make your body more relaxed, so it will prepare you for the next round of your work. Besides stretching, you can also eat your lunch and prepare your snack for the rest of the working hours. It is recommended for you to differentiate the room where you are working and eat because it will stimulate your brain to think that the working room is a sacred room just for work. The other recommended activity that you can do is take a short nap. It will make you 100% more fresh than before, hence it will help you be more productive.

In Short…

Working at home can be so much fun. You must build all of the environment and ambience that is comforting, hence it will help you to be more productive and maybe will increase your working result beyond the working from office situation.


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