Why You Should Start Working Outside

Why You Should Start Working Outside

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The world has been working from home for the best part of a year now, but it’s clear that we’re all pretty done with the stuffiness of being stuck inside. If you’ve found yourself staring out into your backyard this year, you might feel inspired to take your laptop outside. Lounging on the grass on a comfortable picnic blanket sounds so appealing. The problem? There’s no outlets for the chargers, there’s nowhere to print work and if it rains, you are stuck in the house again. 

It’s for this reason that so many people are choosing to buy popular metal building kits to create their own office in the garden. With the power of nature and the abundance of natural light from all angles, a metal structure in the garden can be the perfect place to work during the pandemic – and beyond. There are so many reasons to build your own structure and start working outside. Here they are!

  1. Stress Reduction. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing stress-free about being told to stay indoors. Yes, working in an office in the garden still means that you’re technically inside, but you can build it so that you have a whole wall that slides open into the garden. This allows you to embrace the outdoors and have outlets and remain protected at the same time. We’re not designed to be cooped up inside, and our natural habitat is not supposed to be a room full of fluorescent lights.
  2. It’s Good For The Body. There is nothing natural about slumping over in a chair to work, not when you should be sitting up straight. No one should be risking musculoskeletal pain because of their job. When you work outside, you can choose to get a huge bean bag to work on. You could choose to add an outdoor sofa, too, which will help you to work better and more comfortably.
  3. A Positive Distraction. You know you have to get your job done, but you also need to have a little balance with it! If you can balance your work with time outside, you are going to give yourself a positive distraction! Working outside gives you the chance to look beyond your screen and enjoy the world around you.

Your outside office can happen with some careful planning, and you can ensure that you have the right power points and furniture for your outside office when you plan it correctly. You can’t just drag your office equipment outside; you need a way to power it all up and get going. You have to also consider how far your Wi-Fi connection will reach; it’s going to be much harder to work outside without an internet connection. You should also ensure that you have adequate shade so that your equipment doesn’t overheat in the sunshine – it can and does happen, so you need to be ready for that to happen to you. Working outside is important for the brain, but it’s even more important for the soul.


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