Top 3 Benefits of Home Automation

Top 3 Benefits of Home Automation

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Times have really changed. What used to be a simple combination of four walls and a roof is now a sophisticated unit with an intricate mix of electrical and technological components. We’re talking, of course, about a home.

Technological advancements have made it possible for homeowners to automatically open their garage doors and switch on security lights even before they drive through the main gate. Mind you, these are only a few of the growing number of home automation systems you can install. Other home automation ideas include smart LED lighting systems, smart music/home theatre systems, smart thermostats, automated leak detection, and automated garden sprinkler systems, among others.

In this article, you’ll learn more about some of the main benefits of home automation.


Home Automation Makes Your Home Safer


Back then, it was mandatory for you to get out of your car to open the garage door. And if no one was home, all this had to be done in the dark, assuming you were coming home late from work. After all, security light switches used to be installed only inside the house.

No matter how safe your neighborhood is rumored to be, burglars know how to take advantage of the cover of darkness. The possibility of them springing up from nearby thickets can never be ignored. Perhaps all you could do then was whistle to yourself out of fear. It’s concerning how many people are exposed to this risk each day.

Today, with home automation, people can enjoy the full benefits of security lights as part of their security system. The ability to switch these lights on and off without getting out of your car and having to enter your home amidst the darkness eliminates the constant danger that homeowners face daily. 

Automation gives you this privilege. You can use your smartphone to control the lights from wherever you are. On top of making sure you arrive home to a well-lit environment, such systems confuse potential burglars to think that you’re at home even though you may be miles away. Psychologically, it’s difficult for burglars to break into a house with all the lights on.

You may also add motion sensor alarms that activates whenever an intruder crosses a self-defined virtual boundary around your house. With such, you can sleep soundly without worrying that an outsider is trying to climb through your window. 


Home Automation Saves You A Great Deal Of Time And Money


Most people understand how the cost of leaving the lights on can accumulate without them noticing at first. You know it’s important to switch off electrical appliances and fixtures when they’re not in use, but the demands of life can sometimes get in the way. Before you know it, you’re already preoccupied with something else and you’ve forgotten to switch off power. Home automation could be the most convenient solution to this concern. 

For example, with home automation, the lights automatically turn on when you get into the washroom. When you’re done with your business and you step out, the lights turn off. Installing home automation is one of the most effective strategies to cut down your electricity bills. You can also use similar automation systems to save gas and water bills.

Cautious individuals know the feeling of suddenly being unsure if they’ve switched off the lights or other devices. Some would go so far as to go back home at an unplanned time just to check and be certain. You won’t always have the time to do so. In addition to saving you money on bills, automation saves you time whenever you have these bouts of uncertainty. The lights can automatically go off, or you can switch them off using your smartphone.


Remote Control Features Increase Convenience And Reduce Stress


Suppose you’re out for a vacation with all the members of your family. Your delicate flower garden still needs to be watered. Your security and indoor lights need to be on at the appropriate time. Your thermostat needs to be turned on and off to avoid indoor fogging, frosting, and icing in case it’s wintertime.

Home automation allows you to remotely control all these devices. Now, that’s the height of convenience. You can have peace of mind knowing that everything at home is fine. And if you suspect that something’s wrong, you can easily check from your smart home app.

You can also enjoy these benefits even when you’re at home. After a busy day at work, you don’t have to get up every time you urgently need to attend to something. For instance, when someone knocks on the door, an automated doorbell instantly shows you who’s knocking and allows you to speak to them from the comfort of your sofa.


The benefits of home automation for modern living are undeniable. It’s not just a matter of keeping up with the latest technology, automated home systems have far-reaching practical implications for homeowners. These can make your home more secure, save you time and money, improve your comfort, give you peace of mind, and help you remotely monitor your home.

Don’t worry too much about investing in a whole smart home project. You can always start small with smart home systems that better fit your budget and immediate needs.



Eric is the creator of At Home in the Future and has been a passionate fan of the future since he was seven. He's a web developer by trade, and serves as the Director of Communication and Technology for a large church in Nashville, TN (where he and his family are building a high tech home in the woods).

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  • How home automation made our life easily is totally explained here. Times have really changed. What used to be a simple combination of four walls and a roof is now a sophisticated unit with an intricate mix of electrical and technological components. In today,s life home automation system can help you in many ways to make your life as easy as you can’t even imagine.


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