4 Furniture Items Every Contemporary Home Needs

4 Furniture Items Every Contemporary Home Needs

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Nowadays, contemporary has become a trendy style for many homes. Its common elements are minimalistic furniture, curves, wood, and pleasing colors, among others. Moreover, contemporary style is more than just a trend as it could stay for many years to come.

Fundamentally, with a contemporary home, the goal is to keep things as simple as possible. The cleaner the lines, the better. It’s like having a no-fuss home where there’s very little clutter and things all over the place.The features of the contemporary design emphasize the material as well as the finished product. So you can check out various contemporary pieces at Black Friday furniture deals online and look for high quality materials as one of their main features.

If you’re leaning towards having a contemporary vibe in your home, here’s a breakdown of the different kinds of furniture you’ll need:

Accent Chair

A contemporary home is about showing the personality and style of the owner. Hence, you shouldn’t be surprise when you walk into one and come across a few accent pieces. One of these could be an accent chair.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect accent chair, you’ve also got to be very careful. Otherwise, you could overpower the rest of the room. Here are some tips that’ll come in handy:

  • Match form to function, as the chair as a piece of art shouldn’t make you sacrifice on comfort (given that contemporary homes are also about comfort and relaxation);
  • Complement your color scheme, which means that even if your accent chair is meant to stand out, this contrast should still blend seamlessly with the room’s color scheme;
  • Aim for balance, especially as to size, as contemporary homes are also about having space to move around, and not feeling overcrowded.

Accents can be placed anywhere. If you take the time to browse through different shops like LuxCraft furniture, you’ll find swings for perfect for gardens, and other contemporary furniture to create a seamless vibe from the interior to the exterior of your home.

Raised, Open Furniture Like Sofa And Couches

For living room sofa and couches, a contemporary home will mostly have raised, open furniture. This means there’s a significant gap created by the legs of the sofa that’s also visibly apparent.

If you picture this out, it’s a stark contrast from more traditional homes, where the space is covered by a skirting cover. There’s not a lot of fabric involved, nor are there busy prints as well.

The raised, open furniture helps create a natural flow of air, which is a distinctive characteristic of a contemporary home.

It would have the following characteristics, to be considered as contemporary:

  • Smooth surfaces;
  • Materials mostly made up of wood and metal;
  • Clean, straight lines;
  • Warm, neutral colors.

Sleeper Sofa

Apart from just having an ordinary sofa and couches, most contemporary homes have a multi-functioning fold-out sofa bed. Especially for homes with smaller size, the well-favored choice is having multi-purpose furniture.

One of these is the sofa bed, or a sleeper sofa. This is usually made of a mix of fabric and leather.

That said, there are many points that can help you out in narrowing down your options of sleeper sofas, such as:

  • Ease of taking out the bed, if it’s difficult, then it breaks the purpose of immediately converting your living room into a bedroom if a guest suddenly arrives;
  • The level of comfort, as the style shouldn’t get in the way of your ability to provide a comfortable bed for guests when they come over;
  • The size, as there are single beds, and even bigger ones, too.

Coffee Table

A contemporary home will still have a coffee table. But, unlike its bulkier cousins, the coffee table in a contemporary home are much sleeker. These are typically made of metal materials, glass, wood, or a combination of the three.

Here are some tips you can apply, to pick out the best coffee table for your contemporary home:

  • Choose the coffee table last, after you’ve completed your living room pieces, as this should act as that piece that holds everything together;
  • Consider color, as if you don’t have an accent chair in the living room, the coffee table can work as the accent furniture piece instead;
  • Don’t overdo it, as again, it’s important to emphasize that contemporary homes are all about that extra space.


Considering all these factors, you may now have a better understanding of modern furniture. It’s what you see now; dynamic and changing. If you’ve long been on the hunt for furniture to finish up your contemporary home, you may use this list as a guide. Despite the fact that there’s still a longer list furniture that could perfectly fit a contemporary home. Although the above list is short, it may be your best starting point.


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