6 Cool Kids Room Design Ideas To Think About

6 Cool Kids Room Design Ideas To Think About

Is your kid growing up and starting to express themselves in creative ways? Or is he or she may be old enough for their own separate space, instead of the parent’s room? These, and many other reasons, are why you should start planning out your kid’s room, be it from the bottom up, or simply redecorating for the sake of aesthetics. 

What’s more – the design you plan to implement may have a big effect on your child, so thinking carefully should be your concern. And whether you have a boy or a girl – they will want a cozy, but cool room so consider these ideas before you start any redecorating. 

Oil-Painted Walls

When we think of this type of easily washable paint we tend to imagine hospitals and schools. You know, places that need to be easily cleaned and sanitized regularly. And while children’s rooms need this kind of treatment too, just not so often, oil-based paint has some other cool advantages to offer. 

Because it’s easily washable, you can leave it to your child to paint and decorate on them as much as they want, especially with easily erasable things such as chalk. One swipe with a wet cloth and it’s ready for new drawings. This gives plenty of room for them to express themselves but doesn’t require repainting every year. 

Light Decorations

Using light to create a certain atmosphere is a great way to add value to any room, especially a nursery. Things like wall sticker stars create an interesting environment that changes depending on the light of day and is useful for teaching them not to be afraid of the dark during the night. You can get extra creative and try to arrange them to show how a part of the sky actually looks.

This can be both pretty and educational. And using curtains for better privacy and shading in the room is also an option, although those need to be washed ever so often. 

Toy Cabinets

Cabinets or chests for storing toys are something every kid’s room should have. Partially because it helps when you have to clean up the room, but it can also be a very cool part of the room as well. 

The simpler designs can be executed as DIY projects, maybe even with the little one helping around. If big enough they can double up as small tables or benches for sitting. Add a few wheels and it’s even easily movable by anyone. 

Make it Pet-Friendly

A growing number of people are keeping pets in their homes as it is good for a child’s mental development. Having a positive experience with a pet while growing up helps develop self-esteem and confidence, while also being a great subject to learn about responsibility. But all of this is much harder to achieve if the kid’s room is unadapted for a pet. 

Medium-sized pets, such as dogs or cats, molt every season and this can be a nightmare to clean and can cause health problems too. See that you remove all rugs from such rooms, and keep the curtain off the floor to maintain good hygiene. Your kid will enjoy their time with the pet, and you won’t have to worry about cleaning so much. 

Give It Some Space

Rooms filled with toys are a joy even for adults, but it ain’t worth a dime if you don’t have enough room to lay them out and play. That is why you should have that in mind when organizing the furniture and sizing it too. 

Beds should be placed in corners, tables, and chairs too. It is best to leave a large square or rectangle of open space without anything in the middle of the room. That way the kid can play and run around a bit, without having to hit any corners.

Should You Bunk It?

Bunk beds have always been cool, they add dynamic to a room and are a fun thing to monkey around, especially when friends are over. Of course, they need to be properly secured, with the upper bed having some sort of fence, and a sturdy ladder to climb on. 

When it comes to ensuring safety and style in a kids’ bedroom, Bed Kingdom’s kids house beds provide a fantastic alternative to traditional bunk beds. With their built-in rails and imaginative designs, these beds not only guarantee security but also ignite your child’s creativity, offering a cozy haven for play and peaceful slumber.

All of this is easily done in any room that is high enough, just make sure you don’t have to move the bed later – it can easily topple over! 

While some haven’t had a chance to have a whole room to themselves their entire life, everyone wanted to make their space at least cool while they were a kid. Having this in mind, talk with your kid, see what is popular now and what they like so you can design the room to be as cool as they want it. 


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