Looking For A General Contractor? Here Are Some Hiring Tips

Looking For A General Contractor? Here Are Some Hiring Tips

From remodeling to restoration, there are many reasons why someone might look to hire a general contractor to complete a project. In the market for a good contractor? It can be tough to find someone that checks off every box, even with so many available options. If you’re looking to distinguish the must-hires from the must-avoids, there are several steps you can take to land the perfect contractor for you. Both preparation on your end and professionalism on the end of the potential candidate will contribute to a great work relationship. Want to know more? Here are some hiring tips for snagging the best contractor you can get for the job you want to do.

Have a Plan

Before even considering starting the hiring process for a general contractor, you should have a detailed plan of the job you want to be done. Not only will this guide who you ultimately select based on the skills required, but it will also give you a better baseline for communication. Working with a designer or architect equips a homeowner with a much more in-depth idea of what will be needed for a project. This extends to pricing for a project. If you hire a contractor without a specific plan, you might end up with someone who isn’t an ideal fit- and end up paying more. If all of the costs are laid out and itemized, you won’t run into any unpleasant surprises. 

Insurance Matters

One of the most important parts of hiring a general contractor is finding an individual or company that is insured. Regardless of the size of the crew involved, accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, when power tools and other hazardous materials are involved, these can be devastating. Ensuring that your chosen contractor has the legal ability to deal with any injuries or issues that arise is absolutely essential. If not, the legal and financial onus may well fall on your shoulders. It’s also a smart idea to double-check that any contractor you hire is properly licensed and familiar with the building codes in your area. If something is built improperly or illegally, you will be the one who suffers in the long run.

Communication Is Key

When it comes to defining a good contractor, one of the most coveted traits is having good communication. This is true in reference to communication between yourself and the crew, and the crew lead and his team. You might want to consider a contracting company that excels in project management, such as https://brucegardnerco.com/mesa-az-general-contractor/, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. It’s important that any general contractor that you select is honest, presents clear financial figures, and is easily accessible. Especially when projects might continue for many months, you should feel confident knowing that you can easily convey your ideas and express your concerns. This will result in a finished product that you are satisfied with and reduce any hidden costs or challenges.

Price Counts

As with anything business-related, price is a highly regarded factor when hiring contractor services. That being said, it shouldn’t always be the lowest price that prevails. In fact, when choosing between general contractors, you may want to throw out the lowest offers. Though this may seem counterintuitive when it comes to cost estimation, the lowest quotes are often either untruthful or a result of cutting corners. The number one priority you should have when starting work on any project is quality, followed by peace of mind. It’s probably not necessary to go with the highest quote, but you should carefully consider whether a quote seems to be on par with the market and the price of materials.

No matter the season or location you are looking to hire a contractor for, there are some basics that should always be covered. Starting with a plan will eliminate many unknown factors and can also direct your search in a productive area. When evaluating a potential contractor’s work, it’s worth your while to look at it thoroughly and ensure their experience and your expectations align. Next, there’s the essential matter of legal and financial security. While some companies may claim to be able to do a job for cheaper, it is of the utmost importance that they are properly insured and licensed. Any lack of credentials on this matter is part of the reason why cost should be a secondary consideration. Finally, communication should be smooth and efficient. If you foresee any trouble getting in touch with or speaking honestly with a general contractor, it may not be worth your time. No matter who you choose to work with if you abide by these basic hiring tips, you’re sure to snag yourself a great fit.


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  • It’s great that you reminded me to look for a commercial general contractor who has all the proper licenses and insurance. It would be extremely costly if I had to pay for a worker’s injuries or had to do renovations to fit with building codes down the line, so finding someone who can do everything right the first time will be good for me. I’ve finally saved up enough money to start my own retail store and since I’m putting all my savings into this I don’t have any money left for unforeseen accidents like those you mentioned. I’ll keep an eye out for insurances and licenses when I go around looking for a contractor for my store. Thanks for the tip.

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