How To Properly Disinfect Your House And Make Sure That Everything Is Clean

How To Properly Disinfect Your House And Make Sure That Everything Is Clean

Cleaning and disinfecting your house have never become more important than now because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Interestingly, cleaning your house with the usual household cleaners that have detergents or soap is good enough to kill germs and reduce the risk of virus infections. Accompanying cleaning with a disinfectant can further do magic to your house. While cleaning removes the viruses on the surfaces of your home, disinfectants can get to places where you cannot clean and kill the viruses in these areas. To get started, this is how to disinfect your house and make sure everything is clean:

Follow Your Manufacturer’s Manual

The label on your disinfectant has some directions on how to use the disinfectant. You must adhere to these guidelines to be sure you are safe. Therefore, you can keep your surfaces wet with your disinfectant for the amount of time the manufacturers have indicated in the user manual. However, you should also check whether your disinfectant has some cleaning agents. 

If it does not, start your disinfection process by cleaning all the visible dirty surfaces in your house. 

Clean surfaces are easier to disinfect, and most manufacturers recommend that you start the disinfection process with cleaning. One of the first cleaning tips for your home is that you have to begin your cleaning process by dusting all the surfaces. If you want to vacuum your home, always brush the surfaces at least one hour before you start vacuuming. 

This can allow the dust to settle before you vacuum these surfaces. Afterward, you can apply an all-purpose cleaner of your choice to the difficult-to-clean parts of the house. Such places can include your bathrooms, the taps, and plug holes. Allow these areas to soak for a while as you clean the other easily accessible parts of your house.  Clean all the dirty surfaces you can see with domestic cleaning agents.

Don’t Forget To Wear Your Gloves

Some cleaning agents can be corrosive if handled with bare hands. Likewise, disinfectants can be more corrosive as sometimes you can use bleach as your disinfectant. You should therefore be in your complete personal protection equipment as you undertake the disinfection process. This can ensure your skin does not come in contact with any harmful chemicals. This also gives you the confidence to clean thoroughly, knowing nothing evil can befall you.

If your disinfection process has chances of splashes, you must put on eye protection glasses, and if you cannot tolerate the smell of the disinfectant, wear a face mask. Also, ensure you clean your hands thoroughly after taking off your PPE with soap and water. If there’s no soap nearby, an alcohol-based sanitizer can be good enough. Remember to allow adequate ventilation as you use any disinfectant. 

Therefore, your windows and doors should be wide open during the cleaning process to reduce your chances of suffocating. You can also let your bedroom ceiling fan spin as you disinfect the bedroom area. You can also use ventilators or conditioning (HVAC) to enhance the air circulation as you carry on with the cleaning process. Don’t forget to clean your air ducts, too, should you realize they are also contaminated. Contaminated air ducts can make you have allergies and can alter the ventilation of your air indoors.

Group Your Utensils Appropriately

It is common sense that you should keep disinfectants out of children’s reach. You must also beware that certain types of disinfectants should not come in contact with your kitchen utensils and foodstuff. Therefore, based on the kind of disinfectant you are using, keep utensils away or enclosed in an area where the disinfectants cannot splash onto them. After cleaning your house, wash your dishes in hot water and soap in your dishwasher.

Use A Wipeable Cover On your Electronics

You want to make sure the cleaning process archives the desired outcome. Your electronics too can gather dust and even viruses, so you’ll also need to clean them. Therefore, to make it easy for you to clean them, cover all your touchscreens, tablets, remote controls, keyboards, and phones with a wipeable cover. Additionally, you must follow the manufacturer’s manual on how to clean your electronics so that you do not damage them in any way. Alcohol-based cleaners would be the best cleaners for your electronics as alcohol dries up quickly. 

Disinfecting your house is a sure way to kill all the surviving viruses and make the house environment suitable for children and your comfort. There are also different types of disinfectants you can use at home. Always ensure you follow the instructions on the user manual. Put on protective gear and start your disinfection process with basic home cleaning. Remember to keep dishes and foodstuff from the chemicals. Opt to use alcohol-based cleaners and wipeable covers as you clean electronics.


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