Amazing Musical Instrument Designs You Won’t Believe Are Real

Amazing Musical Instrument Designs You Won’t Believe Are Real

It’s easy to overlook the beauty of musical instruments when you’re just starting out as you’re primarily focused on their functionality. However, over time, when you can truly appreciate their magic and how they’re considered a natural extension of every musician, you’ll start taking notice. You’ll probably want to find unique pieces that represent who you are as an artist. You might also want to go the extra mile and look into customizing your own instruments. If your plan is to become the next pop sensation, or maybe you’re just someone who appreciates great craftsmanship, you’ll want to read this article. Read below for some amazing musical instrument designs you won’t believe are real.

Waterproof Plastic Saxophone

The waterproof saxophone is an excellent match for all the sax-players who happen to be water sports fanatics. Made entirely out of polycarbonate, a sturdy water-proof thermoplastic polymer used in manufacturing. This beautiful sax is not meant to just sit pretty for admiring beholders, it’s actually a full-functioning instrument that will give you an almost exact similar experience to a regular sax. It’s even claimed to increase your playing ability thanks to the lightweight polycarbonate which can even enhance the sound. It is recommended, however, to handle it with caution since it’s made out of plastic and can be a little fragile. Furthermore, if you’re still a beginner and get your hands on one of these unique saxophones, you need to understand that the learning curve is a little different than that of their regular counterparts. So, give it time until you can play it impeccably. Meanwhile, you can just revel in its beauty. 

Transparent Piano

Yes, you read that right! This is a Plexiglas acrylic piano that is sure to fulfill the dreams of every minimalist musician out there. The sleek design reflects an air of elegance that is synonymous with artistic pieces worthy of collecting. Originating in Germany, the Fully Transparent Piano is made up with very few bolts to give a clean aesthetic that would be impossible to look away from. The best thing about it is that it actually sounds as unique as it looks. Thanks to the transparent exterior, you will have the chance to customize your own clear piano according to your personal taste. Think rainbow colors or even beautiful calligraphy – the sky’s the limit! 

3D Violin

3D printers have taken the world by storm in the last few years. They have even found their way into the music industry and the result is this interesting 3D violin that looks like it came straight from the future. The sound on this special piece has been tested for audio spectrum perfection to make sure that its sound quality matches its pretty outlook. However, it’s not all hi-tech; you can still see the ancient violin-making skills coming through in the intricate design. Just like the instruments listed above, the 3D violin can be customized according to your personal taste and preference. 

The Singing Tree

Designed by architects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu in Burnley, England, the 3-meter sculpture is made out of galvanized pipes arranged on top of one another. It emits a melodious tone that results from the passing of air through the different-sized steel pipes. This magnificent structure looks more like one of the wonders of the world than it does a musical instrument. Yet, the melodies that come out of the singing tree are proof that it’s as legitimate as the next real instrument. If you ever want to witness this peculiar structure in action, you have to take a trip all the way to Burnley where the singing tree has been standing tall since 2006 as part of an art project sponsored by East Lancashire Environmental Arts Network. 

The Earth Harp

The Earth Harp is a masterpiece designed by the illustrator William Close which is considered to be the longest musical instrument on the planet. The strings on the harp are tied around random objects available at the place of display. They’re extra-long so that they allow the Earth Harp to cover a wide musical range that is claimed to go from the violin’s highest note to the bass’s lowest one. When played on stage, the huge instrument makes for a one-of-a-kind experience where the music surrounds the audience from all-around. The Earth Harp was first introduced to the world almost a couple of decades ago. Fast forward to this day, this brilliant design has been installed in multiple arenas, concert halls, and theatres all over the world. 

You don’t have to be a music expert to be able to appreciate the unique designs of the musical instruments mentioned above. It’s all about an appreciation for all that is different from the mainstream. Make sure you go online to get a sneak peek at each one of the instruments listed above, you definitely won’t regret it. 


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