Ever Wondered How Asphalt Striping Is Done Exactly? Find Out Here 

Ever Wondered How Asphalt Striping Is Done Exactly? Find Out Here 

Well-marked parking lot lines and car park signage are very important because they ensure that drivers move efficiently in parking lots. This means that the drivers spend more time in their places of work and less in traffic jams. Parking lot lines show the traffic direction, where parking is authorized and where it’s not and above all, the spots designated for the handicapped. While a well-done parking lot striping is efficient and more appealing, a wrongly done one can have negative effects.

This is why there is a need for high-quality machines and the best asphalt striping paint to ensure that the parking lot is both appealing and serves the intended purpose with ease. 

With asphalt striping being so important in our daily lives, you’d think that there is a process involved with how it’s done. If you think so, then you’re right. 

Here is everything you need to know about how asphalt striping is done:

Asphalt striping equipment 

Asphalt line striping can be done quite easily if the right equipment is used. It’s important to know that the modern equipment is a lot more efficient and gets the job done quicker than the old ones. The modern equipment commonly used for asphalt striping is known as an asphalt stripping machine. Different asphalt striping machines vary in prices and even capabilities. 

There are asphalt striping machines that are only used in estate homes that have average-sized parking lots. Also, there are other machines that property managers and other professionals commonly use, and they usually cost a lot more. 

How do asphalt striping machines work?

Regardless of whether the asphalt stripping machine is bigger or smaller, they all function in the same way. They generally have a specific method of holding the paint while you’re striping the parking lot. In most cases, you’ll find the machine holding a can or two of paint. However, in commercial settings, these machines hold buckets with horses that aid in spraying. Most people prefer asphalt striping machines because they have wheels that make it easier to move around the lot. 

The professional asphalt striping machines, in particular, are the easiest to steer around while working. Even around the corners of the parking lot where the machines are needed to make sharp turns or some gradual curves; these machines are efficient in this front. 

Parking lots lines and their colors

Over the years, yellow has been the go-to color when painting stripes. However, blue has also become increasingly popular among many project managers, with malls leading the list. As much as the choice of paint is a personal preference, it’s also important to note that stencils such as the handicapped spots require a specific color, shape, and size. Using the right color and shape for these stencils improves the safety of those using the parking lot because there is less confusion. There are two types of paint commonly used for parking lot strips, namely, solvent-based and water-based. 

However, before you purchase such paint, ensure that it is indicated as traffic paint. This is because some of the latex and acrylic paints are not suitable for parking lot lines. These paints tend to wear out easily, which leads to significant financial losses, more so if it has taken you a lot of planning. 

Reflective beads 

Reflective beads are normally added to the freshly painted parking lot lines. Their main purpose is to safeguard the parking lot lines from the adverse effects of snow and ice. They are added to parking lot lines immediately after they have been painted to ensure that they stick properly. Add-ons on asphalt striping machines are usually used to stick the reflective beads.

How to extend the life of asphalt striping 

It’s important to note that asphalt striping isn’t a one-day job, more so if you want to keep your parking lot as safe as possible. If you want to extend the life of your asphalt striping, you’ll need to do regular maintenance. You’ll need to repaint your stripes a lot more often because they’re greatly affected by climate and the amount of traffic they serve. Colder places require a lot more repainting than the sunny regions because the ice and snow end up scraping the stripes a lot more. 

Asphalt striping plays a major role in ensuring safety in parking lots. For this reason, it’s important to ensure that comprehensive planning is done and the best machines are used for this task to produce the best results. 



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