SMARTen your business

SMARTen your business

The following contribution is from another author.

Business owners are consistently trying to be the best in the market. Investing in the newest technologies,  software and advertising to beat their competition. However, there are much simpler things that can be done to make your business smarter. In an ever-increasing online world, creating more access to your company through the internet will be the biggest investment you can make for yourself. 

Digital business cards are the way forward for businesses. Paying methods have moved online so the need for wallets has decreased, and therefore carrying around paper copies of your business cards is going to do nothing for your business. In the past paper business cards have been the main way to remind people of your business, but that’s changed. Having a digital business card that links directly to you enables people to better understand your business and your drive. They don’t always have to link directly to your website or products.  Digital business cards are so much more exciting and interactive than boring paper ones. Having something like a QR code that can link to your business cards or that can link elsewhere from your business cards is a much more accessible way for people to have information about you and your company at their fingertips, without using Google!

Increasing the number of QR codes you have within your online services will also so drive more customers to your business. QR codes are another way that customers find what they want to find without having to do extensive research. It also shows them that you are technologically advanced because you have invested in a modern form of communication. Displaying your technological ability in an open public manner will increase customer trust for your business, leading to customer retention.

Investing in popular payment portals. Payment methods such as PayPal and Venmo are trusted and secure sites that many people use when buying items online. People simply don’t complete the purchase if they do not trust the browser. This includes having to enter credit card details and is due to the increase of hackers and information leaks. People are very wary about sharing any financial details online which is why these trusted payment methods allow customers to feel secure when buying online. As a business, you will have to create a business account to use them, but it will mean more purchases from your website or business because of the security factor. 

Investing in your online presence is an underrated source of traffic. You need to have a professional-looking website and investing the money and time to get this done automatically make people trust you and your business. This goes hand in hand with investing in payment portals because if your website looks homemade and cheap,l people are less likely to buy from it. 

It’s becoming more important to invest in your online presence to become successful, now than ever before. So make sure you’ve SMARTen your business. 


Eric is the creator of At Home in the Future and has been a passionate fan of the future since he was seven. He's a web developer by trade, and serves as the Director of Communication and Technology for a large church in Nashville, TN (where he and his family are building a high tech home in the woods).