Transitional Kitchens: Tips to Achieve that Look

Transitional Kitchens: Tips to Achieve that Look

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Transitional kitchens, which combine contemporary and traditional styles, are light, calming, and often packed with storage. It’s no wonder, then, that this layout is number one in kitchen remodels. With a mixture of relaxed elegance and neutrality, you can achieve whatever style you’re targeting with the transitional format.

Best Colors for Transitional Kitchens

The best approach for transitional kitchens is simplicity.  White kitchens are ever-popular, as well as beige and greys, thanks to their versatility. A stunning color that meshes with the style is blue, as more and more homeowners incorporate navy and inky blue kitchen cabinets into their scheme. Natural wood accents work well, too.

Cabinets and Counters for Transitional Kitchens

The guiding principles of transitional kitchens are clean, crisp, and tidy, which means cabinets are a central focus. Many transitional kitchen cabinets are painted wood or woodgrain cabinetry, often recessed-panel doors with crisp lines, like you find in Shake cabinets.

As far as countertops, many remodelers go with quartz. It is strong, durable, impressive, and fits well with the overall approach.

Appliances that Match Well

Due to the neutrality of transitional kitchens, appliances hold quite an influence. A common choice is stainless steel, but you can get creative as you match appliances with your kitchen cabinets.

Lighting for Transition Kitchens

One approach that kitchen designers incorporate is pendant lighting. Depending if you tilt more modern or more traditional in your design, you can utilize oversize pendants (for a more industrial look) or classic lantern pendants to highlight open shelving and kitchen islands.

Transitional Kitchen Flooring

Wood, either natural or synthetic, is the go-to in transitional kitchen floors. It has a natural fit with the style, as it enhances the specific mood you target. Bamboo and cork are eco-friendly alternatives that deliver a similar appearance as hardwoods.

 Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The transitional kitchen embraces minimalism. Small cabinet pulls and knobs, whether gold, silver, or black, enhance the look while not overpowering it.

White Works Well

White kitchen cabinets play off natural wood tones, adding to the overall feeling of warmth and brightness.

Bring Out the Light 

When you incorporate neutral kitchen cabinets, you can enhance the natural light that exists in your kitchen. Another way to bring out the light is to use ceramic flooring to reflect and create a bright environment.

Other Transitional Kitchen Ideas

Cabinetry is front and center, and ample cabinet drawer storage is essential. Dark bin pulls, while unorthodox, can mesh well under the countertops.

The Open Concept Transitional Kitchen

The transitional style is often seen in open kitchens because it seamlessly integrates features from other spaces. Glass-front cabinets work well with the flowing feel of open floor plans. Filling the cabinets with white and blue dishes can further highlight the mood of the space.

No matter how you fine-tune your transitional kitchen layout, there are endless combinations to liven up your space. Find reputable kitchen cabinet companies online ( to start your search, such as Walcraft Cabinetry and other similar sellers, and soon you will have your ideal transitional kitchen.


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