Business and Home Relocation: When Is It a Good Idea?

Business and Home Relocation: When Is It a Good Idea?

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If you run a small retail business, the recent months have gotten you thinking about your current location. Local businesses are incredibly popular right now because people realize that their local communities are supported by small independent business owner. So if you live and work in a major city, you are competing against large corporations. Large multinational brands. that exist on every street, are taking away your customers. They too have changed their tack and are marketing themselves as supporting local people. The small business owner is faced with a decision, move somewhere where local businesses don’t have to fight large brands or stick it out.

On both sides

Take stock of where you are located, to a pinpoint degree. Look at your street. Are you surrounded by other small businesses in the same boat as you, or do you have large recognizable brands? Picture the sandwich shop owner, who has Subway on one side and McDonald’s on the other side. He’s being squashed on both sides, having to market his products against theirs. Not only do the larger brands have cheaper products for the most part, but they also use marketing tactics that make them appeal to the average Joe who wants to support local businesses. Large brands might have a community give-back project or perhaps free meals to emergency workers, etc. How can a small sandwich shop owner compete against that unless he severely funds his marketing campaigns both online and real world?

Small tourist town

One of the best opportunities for any small business is to move to a small town that is heavily populated by tourists. Think about a mid-western town that gets a lot of visitors to its Wild West hotels and perhaps, natural leisure activities like mountain hiking, water activities, etc. moving to this kind of town and setting up your retail shop, is something many small business owners dream of. Not only do they get to move to a quieter place, but they can rely on the local customers as well as the seasonal tourists who are willing to spend their money without hesitation. Using long distance moving services, you can move all your products and store decor to wherever you need to go. They do moves that go over state lines, so you can travel hundreds of miles without the worry of your things needing to be transferred to another moving company in the middle of the trip.

The area

Let’s just be honest, sometimes you fall out of love with the area. Covid-19 has really changed how we think about certain areas. If the areas you live and work in are purely for financial means and not for mental health, you have probably decided by now that the latter is more important. Money isn’t worth much, if you find that the area you do business in has lost it’s magic either due to public investment, crime, or perhaps your customer base has moved away.

Relocating your business should never be seen as a drastic step. It’s part of any brand’s strategy to be agile and shift with the changing tides of the marketplace.


Eric is the creator of At Home in the Future and has been a passionate fan of the future since he was seven. He's a web developer by trade, and serves as the Director of Communication and Technology for a large church in Nashville, TN (where he and his family are building a high tech home in the woods).

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