Futuristic Home Decor Options for Convenience

Futuristic Home Decor Options for Convenience

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It is no question that technology has become a massive part of everyone’s day-to-day life, and it’s only going to grow with time. As a result, the way you decorate your home will also evolve in the coming years. As such, you might want to consider futuristic home decorating options when designing your next home or remodeling your current one. 

Below are some insights on this. Dive in!

Aura Frames: For Photos in Your Frames 

One way to make your smart home a bit more personal is by turning up the interior design. For those who are looking for some interior design inspiration, you may want to consider Aura frames. Aura frames work just like any other frame but with an added twist: they’re compatible with select Apple devices. 

They can display photos from iCloud or Google Photos via WiFi network connection. You could also sync them with Spotify so that when you play music on your phone, it will automatically show the displayed video in one of the frames! 

Would you also like to display memories from all around the world without taking up too much room on an average-sized wall? Aura Frames make it possible! It can hold three (or two) pictures in its frame; one main photo and two smaller ones on either side.

Planty: Manage Plants in the Home

A plant-based home is a sustainable, low-maintenance option that provides both beauty and fresh air. What better way to be eco-friendly than by partaking in the trend of living with plants? The Planty can help you maintain your green thumb and solve common problems like lack of space or too much light exposure for your precious plants. 

It’s a system that allows you to grow up to six different types of houseplants on one board so all your favorites can fit together without any hassle at all! Thanks to its wheeled design, you’ll never have trouble finding somewhere to put them again, which makes it easy to move around and adjust height levels depending on the size and type of plant. Choose between four available colors to match your home’s decor, and you’ll be all set.

Vesta Board: It’s a Digitized Notice Board

The Vesta board is a digitized noticeboard that is perfect for those with an eye on aesthetics. It’s a design to blend seamlessly into your decor, and it can get used as a digital message center or a living room-based desk. 

The screen looks best when you use the dark background setting, but this does have its drawbacks because then you cannot see what time it is without turning on another light source. But if bright colors are more up your alley, no worries! You can set that mode too! This innovation goes hand-in-hand with other LUMiLiFE products like HUBBY lamps and LEVI moonlights, making nightlife events seamless from start to finish–all under one roof (or rather, one app)!

LeviMoon: A Desk Lamp in the Form of the Moon

The Levinson is a desk lamp in the form of the moon, and due to its shape, it works as an out-of-the-ordinary nightlight. It has 24 LEDs, each RGB with four shades of white light, which you can adjust by remote control or phone app. 

The LED lights are energy-efficient that cover up to 240 hours on just one charge. Moreover, this unusual lamp provides soft ambient lighting and creates flickering fire embers to make you feel at home at all times.

The lamps come in different shapes and sizes: from a lantern to an actual moon. But the most popular models are those that resemble the Earth, like Levinson. It is not just about decorating your room with it but also showing how much you care for nature by switching to eco-friendly products. 

This kind of light uses up to 85% less energy than traditional light bulbs, and they don’t emit heat which means no wasted electricity or space heating! 

Airocide Purifier

Airocide Purifiers are the best solution for a pure, healthy and luxurious environment in the home. As you spend more time indoors, exposure to harmful pollutants can be increasingly damaging to your health and wellbeing. 

Airocides Range of purifiers provides efficient air cleaning by removing contaminants from the air before they enter your living space. Featuring patented technology that eliminates 99% of airborne particles as small as 0.009 microns (PM0.01) and up to 95% of household chemical contaminants such as formaldehyde emitted from new furniture or carpets, which may cause eye irritation and breathing problems. 

These filters are suitable for all types of homes, including open-plan apartments with no ventilation issues – plug them into an electric socket around your home, and they will filter the air to remove pollutants.

MG12 Towel Warmer

The MG12 Towel warmer by H-Rythma Salotti is a heating device that can warm up towels in the bathroom without any energy. Instead, it uses ambient heat from both outside and inside to generate warmth. 

So naturally, the more external heat, the better it works. This product has been on display at Milan Design Week for this year’s event. More information about these devices will be available soon its release date, later this year.

Ecosmart Fireplaces

Ecosmart fireplaces are a new concept in the fireplace. They provide an Eco-friendly option for people who want to have a fireplace without all of the waste that comes with it. There is no chimney or smoke involved, and because they use natural gas instead of wood as fuel, there’s also less chance of a forest fire when using this product. 

You can use this inside or outside your house! It provides heat while emitting zero emissions into the home, which helps with air quality control. The durability should last up to 45 years, and you will only need one visit from an Ecosmarts technician every year! 

This is an eco-friendly way to create warmth throughout your space. Not only does this fireplace provide a new way to get the heat out indoors, but it is also environmentally friendly!

This has been a brief overview of some of the futuristic home decor products you should consider for your home. From stylish frames with your favorite photos and innovative ways for managing plants in your house, to having an eco-friendly fireplace without any emissions into the environment, there are many options available for all different lifestyles! 


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