10 Revolutionary Cleaning Gadgets No Home Should Be Without

10 Revolutionary Cleaning Gadgets No Home Should Be Without

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With advancements in technology, a global pandemic, and necessary education, you are probably aware of the dangers of poor hygiene around the home. Of course, no one suggests that your home is filthy, but there are hidden dangers that lurk all over. For example, mold can form on windows, dangerous bacteria live in carpets, and multiple contaminants adorn the air you breathe.

But it isn’t always easy to clean. Proper cleaning requires motivation, energy, and the right tools for the job. Fortunately, technological advancements make even the worst jobs a lot easier. With modern gadgets, you no longer need to lug around a heavy vacuum, use a dangerous ladder to clean the windows, or even scrub the toilet. Here are 10 revolutionary cleaning gadgets that no home should be without.

Robot Vacuums and Mops

Suppose you are of a more sedentary disposition. In that case, i.e., the thought of getting up and lugging a vacuum cleaner all over the house makes you want to die, then you are in luck. Renowned inventions like Roomba and Scooba have paved the way for advancements in autonomous floor-cleaning technology. Newer models are available, and many can connect to your smartphone. 

Like Dyson’s bagless tech, other brands have copied Roomba and Scooba, improving the initial design. However, newer models of Roomba and other brands have a significantly longer battery life than previously possible, and the AI learns rooms much better. The latest Roomba models, for example, map your home and use cameras to identify specific furniture items.

Home Steam Cleaners

While not autonomous, steam cleaners are a vital cleaning tool in today’s world. For example, not all antibacterial or antiviral products can kill the SARS-CoV-2 viruses (Covid-19), but the steam will. So you can pretty much guarantee a germ-free home if you use steam cleaners alongside good-quality hygiene products. Yet steam alone will kill 99.9% of known bacteria.

Also, the weather is sure to stay temperate for a few more weeks, which means you can make the most of your garden furniture for a little longer. However, being exposed to the elements, garden furniture is subjected to dirt and grime. With steam, you no longer need to worry about how to clean outdoor cushions, for example. While most are machine washable, you can clean between cycles with high temperature handheld steam cleaners, similar to steam cleaning your garments. 

Self-Cleaning Pet Toilets

No one likes picking up pet poop. It’s unsanitary, smelly, and for whatever reason, can go horribly wrong. But, with over 1 billion combined domesticated dogs and cats globally, it was only a matter of time before technology answered the call (sorry) to relieve us (sorry, again) of the worst thing about owning an animal. 

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Dog Pads and Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning litter trays are remarkable inventions. Dog pads detect whenever your cuddly canine has made a contribution and then reacts to it. The pad will detect waste and then rotate to a fresh one. It also wraps any waste left behind. The automatic litter tray will separate clean litter from used litter and dispose of any clumps left by your kitty.

Hand-Held Power Scrubbers

If you clean your home regularly, then you know how tiresome scrubbing can become. Washing the bathroom, for example, requires a very positive attitude with a protein bar and Red Bull energy drink before you begin. However, handheld power scrubbers will save the day as they do all the work for you – drastically reducing the vigorous actions usually required when scrubbing.

Essentially, many handheld scrubbers are like a larger version of your electric toothbrush. Like the Hammitt Electric Shower Scrubber, some of the best models rotate their spin heads up to 60 times per second. Many power scrubbers also come with attachments such as a toilet cleaner head and a smaller spot cleaner for tough stains. While they take some of the work out of cleaning, many require a long battery charge for around 30 minutes of cleaning.

Ultraviolet Sanitizers

The use of ultraviolet rays for killing bacteria isn’t new. In fact, sewage and water treatment systems use UV rays and filtering in addition to other cleaning methods. However, these are large and complicated systems that aren’t suitable for home use – until now. Instead, smaller, portable UV systems are available. These are useful for sanitizing small items such as your phone.

Portable UV sanitizers have been around for a while. Yet, demand for them increased during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic as a solution to helping combat the spread of infection in addition to hand gels. Given that the average smartphone is covered with around 25,000 bacteria per square inch, this really isn’t a device you can ignore much longer.

Robotic Window Cleaners

Depending on how large they are and certain other factors, cleaning your windows can take a lot of time and money. One money-saving solution is to clean them yourself. While many excellent window cleaning products are available, the basic technique, weather conditions, and chemical solutions can impact the finished job.

Fortunately, as with many of today’s cleaning solutions, an autonomous window cleaning device is now available. These fantastic devices, such as the Gladwell Gecko, stick to the window using motor-powered suction and then move around on their own, reaching all corners and everywhere in between. And just in case it missed a bit, they can also be controlled manually. So while these are excellent for the lazier among us, they are also great for cleaning dangerous or hard-to-reach windows.

Cordless Vacuums

The workhorse of home hygiene, the vacuum cleaner, is like a member of the family. However, it can sometimes feel like a family member that has sat around gaining weight and will only move so far. Traditional upright vacuums, even the best ones, are cumbersome. And if you experience back pain or musculoskeletal injuries, vacuuming can be painful. So, perhaps it’s time to trade in ‘Ol Dusty for a modern, sleeker, sexier, and, more importantly, slimmer cordless vacuum. 

Cordless vacuums are ideal for getting around the house more manageably. They also weigh a lot less than their wired counterparts. However, like most cleaning tools, it is best to purchase the best you can afford since cheaper models quickly lose their suction and damage easily. The best bang for your buck is the Vax Blade 4. This machine has the power and features of a Dyson for half the price.

Automatic Toilet Cleaners

Just like picking up after the dog, no one likes cleaning the toilet, even after themselves. The bathroom is hard enough, and the toilet is the germ-ridden Hellhole that everyone fears. But the invention of the automatic toilet cleaner might just have reaffirmed my belief in an all-powerful deity. It is no longer necessary to do the deed that no one should do and clean the dirtiest of the dirty.

You may use flush cleaners to help with your toilet bowl hygiene, but they only go so far. An automatic bowl cleaner effectively converts your toilet into a self-cleaning item. Products like the FluidMaster are easily fixed into your cistern unit, where they act as a hands-free cleaning solution. Chlorine cartridges actively work to remove grime and bacteria accumulation with every flush. And they work so effectively, your toilet looks as though it has been scrubbed by hand with a fresh scent. Each cartridge will last around 3 months in a family home.

Power Washers

Perhaps one of the more fun cleaning tools available, power or jet washers, have multiple uses around the home, making them invaluable. While you probably purchase a jet washer for cleaning your car, the power of some of the best models makes them excellent for cleaning outdoor parts of your home as well as indoors. Features such as brickwork, masonry, and guttering. Decking and outdoor floorings like pavers and concrete can also benefit from jet washing. 

Domestic power cleaners work by using high-pressure water jets of up to 120 bars. While selecting a device based on pressure might be easy, you also need to consider the water flow rate. Water flow rate is how much water is passed through the machine. 400 liters per hour is the standard flow rate meaning most tasks can be completed relatively quickly. Not all power cleaners come with multiple attachments either, so consider what you will use them for. Some of the best include the Karcher K4, Makita HW111, and Nilfisk C135.

Air Purifiers

As more research is conducted over the years, it has become more apparent that air quality significantly affects our physiology and health. For example, high pollution residential areas such as those close to industrial buildings, heavy traffic roads, and chemical particles are proven to house citizens with higher rates of respiratory conditions like asthma. Although efforts are made by pollution control laws to lower emissions, not all harmful content is caught.

Air purifiers are an excellent solution to cleaning your household air in addition to adequate ventilation. They are relatively inexpensive and when looking for a model, choose one with HEPA filter technology. HEPA traps airborne contaminants such as dust, dander, pet hairs, and pollen by sucking in the surrounding air. They then output air into the room that doesn’t contain these harmful substances. Even clean homes will benefit from air purification. In addition, they are proven to be very effective at helping with allergies and hay fever.

There are many cleaning products available today. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has never been more aware of the importance of hygiene. Traditional cleaning implements like the vacuum cleaner and mop benefit from technological advancements, with artificial intelligence guiding autonomous cleaning where possible. In addition, remarkable inventions like the self-cleaning pet toilet, robotic window cleaner, and automatic toilet cleaners contribute to increased hygiene and cleanliness all over the home.


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