Can I Paint Over a Rusted Metal Roof?

Can I Paint Over a Rusted Metal Roof?

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One way of sprucing up a house’s appearance is by painting the roof. Depending on the quality of the roof, once the layer of paint fades, the roof may start rusting. This then leads to the question of whether it is possible to paint over a rusted roof.

You can easily paint over a rusted metal roof. Just make sure that the rust is only topical and has not affected the interior of the metal roof. If the structural integrity of the roof is affected by rust, you may need a new roof.

In addition to revamping the appearance of the roof, painting over the rusted roof helps to prevent further rusting. Instead of buying a new roof, try painting it the next time it starts to rust. 

How To Paint Over Rusted Metal Roof

The first step to effectively paint over a rusted metal roof is to gather all the supplies that you need for the task. You will need a wire brush, cleaning, and rust removing chemicals, paint sprayer, and the paint.

When you have all you need for the task, you will start by removing the rust from the roof. Access the roof and check for all areas with rust. Scrub off the stubborn rust with a wire brush and peel off thin layers. 

As you do this, confirm that the roof is still usable and corrosion has not affected it much. There is no need to paint a roof that will cave in soon. 

Once the rust is removed, you will then wash the room. Blast water onto the roof to remove any dirt and dust. Then leave the roof to dry for 24 hours. 

Next, apply white vinegar on the roof. White vinegar neutralizes the galvanizing layer of zinc. This process allows the paint that you will apply onto the roof to stick properly. If the paint doesn’t stick, it will leave the roof exposed, worsening the rusting. 

Using a rag or sponge, dip it into the white vinegar solution and apply it on the whole roof. Now, the roof is properly prepared for painting. 

Before you apply your first coat of paint, apply primer. Get the right primer for your metal roof for better results. Primer covers the roof to protect it from the effects of rust. It also stops future rusting. Apply an even coat of primer and leave it to cure for about 24 to 48hours. 

Now, you can paint your roof. Apply the paint all over the surface of the primed roof. Apply an even coat of metal paint throughout the roof. You can paint two layers of paint to enhance the appeal of the roof. 

The newly repainted painted roof will have no sign of rust. Thus, it will look as good as new or better.

Factors To Consider When Painting A Rusted Metal Roof

The Level Of Rust

Rust can be topical or deeper. The deeper rust could have corroded much of the metal roof structure. If the rust is just a layer that can be removed with a thorough scrubbing, remove it. 

However, if the rust has already affected the structure of the roof, replace the roof. A paint job will not save a structurally weak roof.

Always check for the level of rust before you start painting over a rusted metal roof. 

Use The Right Paint

When painting, make sure to use the right metal paints. If you use the wrong type of paint, it will not stick on the roof. Ensure that you buy the right metal paint or hire a professional roof painter. It will help you to avoid confusion when choosing the paint to use.

Paint The Whole Roof

When painting a rusted roof, paint the whole roof. Do not paint only the section of the roof that is rusted. 

Painting the whole roof ensures that it looks uniform all around the house. You don’t have some parts of the roof with deep shades of color while other parts look like they are just about to fade. Painting the whole roof enhances the exterior appeal of the house.

Benefits Of Painting Over Rusted Metal Roof

Saves Money

If you don’t want to paint over your rusted roof, the only option you have is a new roof. The cost of painting compared to that of a new roof is relatively low. When you repaint your rusted roof rather than replace it, you will have made some significant financial savings. 

Further, you will hire a painter and not a roofing contractor or manufacturer. The choice of person or group you choose to paint the roof also affects finances. A skilled painter will be much cheaper than when you engage a roofing contractor or manufacturer. 

Enhances Appeal Of Your House

A new coat of paint over a rusted roof transforms it completely. A rusted roof looks ugly and fading. Once it is repainted, it looks completely different. There are no traces of rust on the roof.

Also, you have a range of colors to choose from. You don’t have to stick to the manufacturer’s color that it previously had. You can choose colors such as green that camouflage the house if it is surrounded by trees. 

If you want to sell your house, it is likely to attract more buyers with a freshly painted roof rather than a rusted one. 

Speed And Convenience

Painting over a rusted metal roof is more convenient than having to replace a roof. When repainting a roof, you don’t need to move your items that are within the house. If you want to replace a roof you will need to move your items to protect them from dirt and dust. 

Besides leaving the roof to dry and the primer to cure for an extra day or two, painting over a rusted metal roof is fast. Once your roof is ready to paint, apply a coat or two of paint and the previously rusted roof transforms immediately.


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