Are Robotic Appliances Really Here To Stay?

Are Robotic Appliances Really Here To Stay?

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You’ve all seen the little robotic vacuum cleaners that became popular a few years ago. They look like little discs, and they roam around your home, banging into things and sucking up dust and pet hair. If you’ve thought about buying one, you’ll have seen that they are evolving and developing different features, with some looking bigger and more vacuum-cleaner-like. 

Nevertheless, what puts a lot of people off is the concept of the appliance. Is there much point in a robot vacuum cleaner? Or, more specifically, are robot appliances really necessary and beneficial? We’ve started to see more additions to the robot roster, such as a window cleaning robot, robot lawn mowers, robot mops, and even robot clothes organizers. 

With all these new introductions, it definitely seems like this trend is here to stay. But, why are robot appliances popular, and can they be advantageous?

Save time

The underlying benefit of robotic appliances is that they save precious time. Think about how long it takes to vacuum a house, now give that role to a robot. It’s the stay-at-home mums that benefit from this, giving them more time to look after their kids or do any of the other endless tasks in their daily planner. 

Robot appliances are also good for busy professionals that don’t have time to clean every day – or even once a week. They can trust their robots to clean things for them, or to maintain the lawn, etc. 

Save money

Typically, if someone doesn’t have enough time to clean or cut the lawn, what might they do? Yes, they could ignore it and let their home get out of control, but what would a sane person do? They’d hire help. Loads of people pay for lawn mowers or window cleaners to come to their homes and keep things in order. 

With robotic appliances, the idea is that you won’t have to do this. Your robots can handle these tasks, preventing the need to hire help. Therefore, even though these appliances are more expensive than their non-robotic counterparts, you will save money in the long run. 

Excellent for people with disabilities

I think one of the most underappreciated benefits of robot appliances is how they help people with disabilities. An elderly person that struggles to walk for long periods can hardly push a vacuum cleaner up and down their home. Likewise, someone in a wheelchair would be unable to mow their lawn. 

Robotic appliances give people with physical issues a way of being more independent. They let people keep their homes neat and tidy without needing to constantly call on others for help. This is such an important thing to think about whenever we look at cool gadgets or tech trends. A lot of the time, our instinctive reaction is that something is pointless, just because we don’t see a use for it. In reality, many gadgets do help those in less fortunate positions than ourselves. 

To answer the question in the title, robotic appliances are definitely here to stay. We are seeing more and more every year, so expect to see new and improved versions of existing robotic appliances, as well as brand new ideas in the coming years. 


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