5 Design Tips to Give Your House a New Look

5 Design Tips to Give Your House a New Look


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When decorating the interior of houses, most people want something unique that points to the exquisiteness of their taste and the richness of their personality. I know this is not different from what you want.  

So, I consulted industry experts to develop 5 tips and secrets to help with your home interior decoration. We know that you will find these tips to be helpful as you do your interior decoration.

Pre-decoration Tips

  1. Understand each room and its requirement 
  2. Plan your budget
  3.  Develop your design 
  4. Choose appropriate materials 
  5. Choose colours for walls
  6.  Choose home accessories
  7.  Choose home furniture 

Interior Decoration Tips and Secrets

  1. Use space efficiently
  2. Use top quality fixtures and fittings
  3. Focus on decorations that improve lighting
  4. Make use of art
  5. Pay attention to the room’s temperature

5 Interior Decorating tips you should know

1. Use space efficiently

Whether you have a small or big house, it is always important to use your space wisely.

The bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen, and sitting room are places where space management is most appreciated. As such, it is important to consider space management when choosing furniture and fixtures for these spaces.

One way to save up space in these places is by using the correct choice of doors. It is especially important to use the right choice of doors in the bathroom. This is because bathrooms require lots of fixtures and can get easily cramped up. As such, some of the best shower doors are built to save space and decongest the bathroom area, all without sacrificing elegance. 

2. Use top quality Fixtures and fittings

When decorating the interior of your house, it is important to invest in quality fixtures and fittings, as they wear out fast due to frequent usage.

Fixtures such as showers, sinks and taps come in contact with a lot of water and should be especially durable. The best showers, sinks and taps are made from materials that do not rust over time. 

An important tip is to get the best shower, bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings and light fixtures that you can afford. Never go cheap when buying these items. 

3. Focus on interior decorations that improve lighting

Choosing dark interior decor can make your home look dark and gloomy. As such, interior decor that brightens the house is preferred. 

Doing the following things will improve the lighting in your house.

  • Install several light sources
  • Allow space underneath your furniture
  • Put up bright artwork
  • Use minimalist furniture 
  • Choose light wood flooring
  • Paint ceilings white

4. Make use of art

Using art correctly can add a personal touch to your living space. Murals, paintings, cutouts and framed pictures are great additions. They cover up blank spaces, brighten the house and give it a personality. 

It is always great to research more ideas about using art to make a statement in the house before decorating. 

5. Pay attention to the room’s temperature 

Generally, rooms with cooler colours make you calm, while rooms with brighter colours make you excited. As such, it is important to decide what feelings you want each room to evoke. This will inform your colour choices for each room. 

More tips will be of additional help. Perhaps the best of them is to have fun and experiment as much as possible. It is your house and should be decorated as such.

In Summary

The interior decoration of your house is an extension of your personality. As such, however, it turns out will speak volumes of who you are. You do not want to do it without great planning as this can result in a cramped up, depressing house that you will not enjoy staying in. 


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