High-Tech Gifts For Your Youngest Family Members

High-Tech Gifts For Your Youngest Family Members

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If you’re a modern household and love getting the latest technology when it’s released, you’ve come to the right place. By treating your children to the most current tech, they’ll be the envy of all their friends and they’ll have hours of entertainment at their fingertips. Let’s have a look at some of the newest child-friendly gadgets on the market – also, if you’re looking for something age-specific to gift your child, then visit Wicked Uncle for gifts for 3-year-old boys or girls, and all other age ranges. 

Children’s Tablet

Having their own special, age-appropriate tablet will make them feel super grown-up. Depending on which you get, tablets offer a whole range of features to keep your kids occupied – they can watch videos, listen to music, take pictures and so much more. These also have early development learning in mind and will have resources available to teach your kids about letters, colors, numbers, and animals.

Their Own Kindle

Although comparable to a tablet, a Kindle is specifically designed for reading – the kids’ version has a larger screen and is sturdier than the adult version. If your child is a little bookworm and has reams of books that you can’t keep on top of, then getting them their own portable reading device is perfect. As they’re specially designed for kids, with easy to read text and engaging images, your children won’t be able to put this device down and you won’t have all your bookshelves overflowing with their reading material anymore.

A Cool Night Light

If they’re scared of the dark or just need a new light for their bedroom, you could consider getting them a night light with a difference. Now, this initially doesn’t sound too exciting but the options on the market at the moment are incredible and have come a long way in the past few decades. How about a galactic world created by a light projector? Or how about adorning the walls with ocean waves? Or even an animal that changes color at the touch of a button? Yes, a light can do all that! They’ll be in total awe as they nod off.

A Drone

If your child is a little bit older, then you could consider getting them their very own drone. This is the current-day equivalent to them having a remote-controlled car – the modern kids take to the sky instead! Prices can vary massively for drones, depending on which features you want to get – you might even find you want to have a go yourself, as some allow you to take pictures of the scenery from above, which is pretty magnificent. 

So there you have it – if you do want to play it more safely, you also have the option to buy them a games console, or a game for a console they already have. Your kids probably have a wish list of toys and items they already want, so speak to them about the latest tech releases. With that information, decide what you think would be best for them. 


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