Smart Garages: A Home For Your Smart Car

Smart Garages: A Home For Your Smart Car

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Having a new smart car would warrant getting a new smart garage too! An intelligent vehicle would need an area to complement all its beautiful features.

As our homes become more innovative and more technology-driven, so do our garages, cars, and everything else. A smart garage would be the perfect addition to a house that already has so many technological advances. 

To learn more about the new applications and equipment in the garage to help make it smarter, you can continue reading this. Here are some of them:

Automated Doors And Gates

When parking the car after a long day at work and an even longer commute, there’ll be little patience left for a rusty old garage door that has to be opened by hand.

Treat yourself and your car to a swift arrival with an automated garage door. Although door automation technology is already available, it may soon advance to a whole new level. Instead of pressing a button to open the garage, a device that would open the door after being voice-activated could be the next best thing. 

Professional installations would be necessary to ensure the quality of the operations. Top-of-the-line products could make all the difference when it comes to smart garage doors.

Smart technology for access to the garage could include automated gates that lead up to the garage. The garage and entrance could be opened remotely via an available application to sync with the electronics.

EV Charging Port

An electric vehicle (EV) would need a connection in the garage that would help it recharge. Initially, the EVs had a charger that came standard with each car. 

The charger cables supplied by the motor company were directly connected to a wall socket in the garage and plugged into the car for it to charge over time. With new technology, ‘refueling’ the vehicle may become faster and faster. You can get smart Home EV Chargers from that have Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity options as well as a companion app for monitoring and scheduling the charging sessions.

Fast chargers for vehicles are available in commercial and factory settings like office blocks, but the technology has not quite caught up with homes just yet. Engineers work around the clock to find even more economical solutions for charging our smart cars at home.

Smart Lighting

Arriving home after dark can be daunting, with shadows lurking in the driveway and inside the garage. Having the right lighting solutions could make this a problem of the past.

A spotlight connected to a day-night switch could be the best way to brighten up that dark driveway. Lights with motion sensors could help illuminate the garage as soon as the vehicle or a person enters.

Some cars already have headlights that switch on automatically, so why wouldn’t our garages have equally smart features?

Stepped Up Security

Motion sensors in the garage could automatically switch on security cameras, activate voice and video recordings, and notify the security company of the breach. With access to the cameras on our smartphones, we could potentially stop a crime in progress while tracking intruders in real-time.

Keeping our belongings safe has never been easier or more convenient than having a smart security system to look after them. Night vision cameras would be able to see any movement and keep the smart car in the garage where it should be.

Digital Lockup

Instead of having more keys to lug around, get a smart access system that would make getting into and out of the garage more secure and convenient.

Keyless entry has been one of the features that many car manufacturers have opted to use on their latest models of smart cars. Cars that work without keys would surely need a garage without keys too?

Instead of having an actual old-fashioned key, an access card or chip could be installed. The door would automatically unlock when the vehicle approaches the garage, and the sensor would pick up the access chip.

Robotic Valets

A new option is available for upper-class gentlemen with huge garages full of pristine cars. The unique robotic valets could park your car when you don’t feel up to it.

Although it sounds like something from a sci-fi movie, these robotic valets could come in handy. When precision is needed to fit cars into the garage space, these robots will make the best possible calculations to do the job. 

Making Smart Connections

In today’s day and age, we have more luxury comforts that help make our lives so much easier. Smartphones in our pockets, smart cars in the driveway, and smart homes to welcome our guests.

Convenience is key when it comes to a smart lifestyle. Everything is getting smarter by the minute, so why not our garages too?


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