How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Without Regret

How to Buy Outdoor Furniture Without Regret

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At first sight, it seems that the purchase of furniture for the patio, terrace, or veranda – it’s easy. However, in fact, their choice is also worth taking some time to save your time and money. We invite you to read the recommendations that will help to avoid costly mistakes when buying street furniture.

Low-cost furniture – is not always a good option

Once you start your online searches, you will see that outdoor furniture in the UAE and other countries has a huge range of prices. On some sites, the table can cost $1000, and on others – a few hundred cheaper. Many newcomers buy cheaper street furniture or like discounts.

However, the cheapest things are usually not of good quality, they are light and flimsy. After a few months of use, you will have to buy new furniture. In some cases, it is really not worth overpaying. For example, if you need children’s street furniture use it for a couple of years. The same applies to garden umbrellas, plastic stools for technical needs, and some other things.

Pay attention to the chair legs.

In the open space, you want to rest and have nothing to worry about. However, not all dining street kits contribute to this. The problem may arise from too thin chair legs. They can fall into the ground, wood slots, etc. So it is important to consider the place in which the chairs will be standing.

Pay attention to the material

Garden furniture is made of wood, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and plastic. You can’t tell which one’s better or worse. For example, aluminum and plastic are light and not suitable for regions with strong winds. Stainless steel is heavy but can be strongly heated in the sun. Wooden furniture is not suitable for the humid climate, as it needs to be constantly processed so that it does not deform and cracked. Before purchasing it is important to make sure that the selected material is suitable for your climate and weather.

Note that natural fabrics do not like the bright sun: they fade in one season. Garden chairs and armchairs with fabric elements are better placed in the shade. But synthetic fabrics long retain color even under direct rays.

The ideal material for garden furniture that will be standing on the street all year round is wood and metal. Natural rattan and plastic do not tolerate frost and temperature variations. Fluctuations from heat to cold also harm tissue elements.

If you are going to arrange a relaxation area by the fire, arrange the furniture at a sufficient distance from the hearth and do not use flammable products. Plastic, natural rattan, and vine are undesirable. Light chairs with fabric seats and frameless garden furniture should also stand away from the flames.

Think of the rain

You can imagine a beautiful picture in your head and not anticipate rainy weather. You can leave the cushions on the sofa, which will get wet and dry forever. And maybe they even start mold.

To prevent this from happening, it is better to think ahead about protective covers, especially if you are planning to buy wooden furniture. The cushions themselves can be hidden in special storage boxes or in the house during the shower.

Choose the right place

If you want to put garden chairs or a table under a tree, consider carefully the choice of a place. Cherry or mulberry berries falling from the tree leave stains on the fabric that is difficult to remove. Birds that eat berries or make a nest on a tree, stain the furniture with their droppings. Sometimes you need to think about a garden umbrella or get settled in a gazebo.



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