Summertime Gadgets You Can’t Afford to Live Without

Summertime Gadgets You Can’t Afford to Live Without

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It’s not long until the summer arrives. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the season as much as possible, it’s critical that you have the right gadgets ready to go when it arrives. 

But do you actually know which gadgets are great for the summer? You’re about to find out. 

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The summer is a time of exploration. The weather is finally warm enough to spend all day and evening outside. What’s more, you’re usually engaged in activities with other people. You’re all enjoying the party together.

Finding a power outlet in the park or at the beach is challenging. But if you have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, it’s easy. You just hook it up to your phone and that’s it: job done!

Air Cooler

It can sometimes get a little warm inside on hot days and not everyone has air conditioners. Therefore, brands like Specialty Air recommend that people use air coolers. 
The way these work is actually quite clever. Most systems use either water or ice to cool down air that passes through them. The air transfers its heat to the water, producing a cool, delightful breeze. These systems are particularly valuable on days when it is too hot to work. 

Snorkeling Mask

Snorkeling can be a lot of fun. But, unfortunately, you’re not always able to see the delightful sea creatures around you. Goggles can blur your vision. 

The solution is a snorkeling mask. These provide the front of your face with a full, panoramic shield that lets you look in every direction. Furthermore, your airways are built into the mask so you can keep breathing naturally, without having to put any breathing gear in your mouth. 

Solar Power Station

Taking a Bluetooth speaker to the park for an afternoon is viable, but expecting it to work continuously on a week-long camping trip is asking too much. That’s why it’s such a great idea to invest in a portable solar power station. These come with a variety of connectors, such as AC, USB, and DC, and then hook up to solar panels. Most systems allow you to store enough energy for portable equipment that you might want to bring with you, including CPAP, power tools, fridges and coffee machines. 

Paperwhite Readers

Trying to read a book on your phone isn’t easy. The glare of the sun means that you always need to find shade, and many times, it’s not enough.
That’s why paperwhite e-readers are the ultimate summertime gadget. Unlike most screens, these readers present crystal clear images on the screen because they use different technology. Kindle isn’t the only option. Kobo and other services have e-readers of their own. 

Bike Computer

Lastly, if you’re a cyclist, you might want to consider getting a bike computer for the summer. These are helpful because they provide you with readouts and metrics of all your activity. They also show you things like trails and permissible paths that aren’t always available on conventional digital maps. You can mount computers either on your handlebars or your wrist. 


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