6 Ways to Stay Entertained on a Long Car Journey

6 Ways to Stay Entertained on a Long Car Journey

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Even the most passionate and adventurous people sometimes find it difficult to embark on a long road journey. To be honest, after a few dozen hours cooped up in a car while driving on the road, anyone can feel bored. Reading up on travel tips and tactics may be beneficial, but it will not be enough. As a result, you should always plan ahead, consider road activities, and organize your time.

Bringing your smartphone, laptop, and a few power supplies goes a long way and allow you to accomplish a variety of activities while on the road. Always begin with what keeps you entertained at home. This could include playing video games, watching movies, and so forth. Everyone knows that time flies when you’re listening to music or watching a sporting event. Don’t forget to learn how to get past youtube tv location restrictions to continue watching your favorite shows. 

Play Some Games

Just because you’re driving a car doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. In fact, there are numerous games that may be played while driving. Let’s have a look at some noteworthy examples:

The Game of Words– Many cars pass you by as you drive. Simply glance at their license plates and make a word out of the scrambled letters.

Ends With, Begins With Game– Pick a category, such as objects, identify an item, and the next player should utilize the last letters of that thing to begin another. You’re out if you can’t think of anything.

There are two truths and one lie – Here’s a game that allows you to be incredibly creative. Make three statements, one of which should be a falsehood. Others must then guess which two are true and which are false.

Twenty Questions Game– First, select a category such as places, things, or people, and then select one. Others then ask 20 Yes or No questions in an attempt to guess the mystery item. The next person to choose an item is the one who gets it right.


Podcasts are excellent for keeping you amused while driving. Ask Me Another, Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, and many others are popular podcasts. All you have to do is pick one and download a few episodes to your phone. Hundreds of them, in fact, may be downloaded for free software like Overcast 2 or Podcast Addict. 

Audio Books 

You can listen to audiobooks, just like podcasts. Listening to one that you find particularly intriguing is an excellent way to pass the time on a long journey. There are numerous websites that provide free audiobooks that may be downloaded onto various devices. Free Audio novels by authors such as J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown are also available. If downloading isn’t an option, services like Audible provide a free 30-day trial period.

Watch The Stars

This is an excellent method to keep yourself engaged on a long nighttime journey. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about astrology. Even if you simply know your horoscope sign, you can still enjoy learning about the universe. You can do so by installing Star Chart, an app designed specifically for such rides. It provides a detailed introduction to the cosmos as well as useful directions and tips for finding constellations.

Include Some Stops

Making pit stops on a long and exhausting drive is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind. This is due to the importance of arriving at the desired location. When making such stops, though, you can have a lot of fun and keep entertained. All you have to do is plan a good road trip and hunt for fascinating locations to visit along the way. Don’t be scared to deviate if you encounter a tourist attraction sign.

Car Karaoke

We’re sure you’ve done this before and had a good time. Furthermore, singing is one of the most enjoyable activities. Simply compile a playlist of your favorite music before starting on a lengthy journey. Make sure the audio is down so you can hear yourself singing and get lost in the lyrics. You can also make this a game by awarding points for keeping in tune.

You can also employ numerous digital gadgets, such as phones, and tablets, to enhance your recreational experience. If you’re going on a lengthy road trip, bring something with you to charge your electronics.

Do you have any other ideas for car journeys? Please share them in the comments below. 


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