FEATURE: Choosing an EDC Pocket Knife You Won’t HATE

FEATURE: Choosing an EDC Pocket Knife You Won’t HATE

Cheap options, expensive options, and crazy options.

If you’re looking for your first legit every day carry knife, or maybe just looking to upgrade, this is the video for you! We’ll go over 40+ knives, including options under $50, between $50-100, and $100+.

Purchase Links

I’ve shopped around for the best prices on all of the knives mentioned in this video. They’re all listed in the order they appeared. (Note that some links below may be affiliate links; if you purchase with those, our channel will get a small cut of your purchase at NO COST TO YOU. Thanks!)

Budget Knives (Under $50)

Mid-Range Knives ($50-100)

High-End Knives ($100+)

Blade HQ Is Awesome

Hey, the awesome folks at Blade HQ helped me source a few knives for this video that I didn’t have in my collection. Check them out for the best deal the next time you’re searching for a knife.

Blade HQ Website

Blade HQ Knife Steel Guide

GIVEAWAY: How to Win the Glow Rhino Lightbringer

Entering the giveaway is easy! Just subscribe, like this video, and leave a comment about your favorite EDC knife. Once the video hits 5,000 likes, I’ll pick a random comment from a subscriber, and you’ll win the knife 🙂


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  • The amazing people at Blade HQ assisted me in locating a few knives that I did not already have in my collection for the sake of this movie.

  • Hey, I got some of the knives for this movie from the amazing people at Blade HQ that I didn’t already have in my collection. Next time you’re looking for a knife, check them out for the greatest price.

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  • Thanks to the awesome people at Blade HQ, I could find a few knives for this video that I didn’t already have.

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