How to Safely Clean Your Home Exterior Without Using a Ladder

How to Safely Clean Your Home Exterior Without Using a Ladder

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Home maintenance should extend to your exterior as well as the interior. You’ve already got a good interior maintenance routine, so everything looks nice and clean there. But, the outside of your property could do with some TLC. 

Now, there is a reason that a lot of homeowners neglect exterior cleaning. It is easy to clean everything inside your home because you can reach it all. With the exterior, it’s very difficult to reach the higher regions of your home. You can clean the bottom windows and siding, but how do you get to the top?

Most of the time, you have to use a ladder. Naturally, this presents a lot of safety risks. Climbing a ladder is dangerous enough on its own, but you shouldn’t try to clean your home whilst on one! Alternatively, here are a few ideas to help you safely clean your home exterior without a ladder:

Use a pressure washer

Pressure washers are really effective at cleaning away years of dirt and grime from your home. Using a pressurized jet of water means no chemicals have to be applied to your house, and the water blasts all the dirt away. It gives an extremely thorough clean, and the pressure of the stream allows you to direct it to the higher areas of your home. Visit Hotsy Equipment Company to learn more.

Therefore, you have a very simple and easy way of cleaning your siding and exterior walls. You should definitely read the instruction manual before using a pressure washer if you’ve never used one before. I also found this video that I think is very helpful if this is the first time you’ve attempted to clean your house: 

It’s just under 15-minutes long, but it is worth saving and coming back to before you start cleaning. 

Buy a telescopic window cleaning pole

Naturally, it is hard to reach the upper windows of your home when cleaning them. So, this tip will allow you to reach them without needing a ladder. It’s actually very simple; buy a telescopic window cleaning pole. You can find these online at different DIY websites. 

Basically, this is a pole that can extend and become much larger. On the end, you should be able to attach a window cleaning brush. Thus, you’ve got something that reaches up to your windows and can scrub away at them. In fact, you can use this alongside a pressure washer for the best effect. 

Simply dip the window cleaning brush in some water and cleaning solution, then use it to wash the windows. Turn your pressure washer to a low setting and spray it up there to rinse away the water. Finally, you can swap to a drying brush on the pole to try and try the windows, preventing nasty streaks. 

Clean your windows from the inside

Alternatively, if you don’t want to buy a telescopic pole, you could try cleaning your windows from the inside. The easiest way to do this is if you have casement windows. This is because they open in a way that allows you to easily reach the exterior of the window without hanging out of your house. They are the safest windows to clean by far. So, if you fancy a little home improvement, contact a casement window installer to make your life easier. 

Nevertheless, you can clean other windows as well. All you have to do is reach out and clean them as you’re cleaning the inside of the glass. It can be a bit fiddly, which is why I’ve included the previous option above. Some of you may prefer to use a pole, while others might find it easier to clean them from the inside. 

Don’t attempt to clean your roof

Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to clean your roof without getting on a ladder. You might be able to use a pressure washer, but it depends on how tall your home is. Plus, even with a washer, it is hard to see if you’ve cleaned all of the roof. 

My recommendation is to get your roof cleaned by professionals. Thankfully, this isn’t a regular maintenance task. It’s not something you’re paying for every month or even three months. It’s a once-a-year job to keep your roof nice and clean. 

And there you have it; how to safely clean your home exterior without getting on a ladder. This advice lets you maintain a spotless house without putting yourself in danger. You should clean your outside windows once a month at the very least, but your siding and roof can be more sporadic. Pressure wash your siding once every few months and stick to an annual roof cleaning. 


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