Why Is Moving Insurance an Important Factor to Consider?

Why Is Moving Insurance an Important Factor to Consider?

Are you planning to relocate to a new place? Do you have plans to shift your office or commercial space? While considering prices, budget, and cost estimation is something that tops the list but many things take a back seat. One of the prominent things that are critically essential to dwell upon is insurance.

Moving insurance is crucial as it protects the belongings during transit or while packing. Here are a few convincing reasons why your local movers Reston VA need to have insurance for moving.

Impact of a Moving Insurance 

Whether you are moving to a nearby place or long-distance moving, insurance by a moving company is a must. Here is what exactly the moving insurance does:

  • It is a coverage that protects against damage or loss of any belongings. If the fragile items break during the transit, the insurance covers the damage and the amount can be claimed.
  • Some moving companies also offer valuation coverage. This is the liability amount that the moving professional is willing to take for relocation execution.

Protect the equipment and supplies

When you plan to move office, it also involves shifting a lot of equipment and IT supplies. Some equipment is prone to damage and increases additional expense. Lack of insurance means there is no claim you can make to cover the expense for any sort of expensive damage.

Whether it is the relocation of commercial or residential property, insurance applies to any loss or damage that was done during the transit. As heavy equipment and furniture might endure damage while loading or unloading, an insurance process makes the process easy. However, moving companies always take cognizance and take photos of expensive items. Hence, this helps in cross-checking if the product was damaged during transit.

Here are some types of insurance offered by moving companies 

If you plan to hire local movers, which is a convenient and comfortable choice, always ask for the insurance type they offer. This is indeed one of the easiest and most convenient ways to claim any sort of damage. The following are types of moving insurance:

  • Full value protection: If your moving company offers full value protection, it means the company is liable for providing total replacement value for the product that is damaged or lost. Also, the mover has the option to repair or replace the damaged item. One can also provide a cash settlement for the same.
  • Released value protection – This is the coverage which is provided by the company at no extra cost. However, it offers very minimal protection. It is not recommended to go for this insurance if you are moving along with expensive products or items.
  • Separate liability coverage – This is a liability coverage where movers take third-party insurance for an extra cost. The additional insurance policy covers any loss if the moving company does not have insurance.

Covers vehicle damage cost and accidental injury 

While transiting, it is crucial to ensure that transportation is covered under insurance. If the commercial vehicle used for the relocation suffers damage, insurance helps in claiming the damage. Always opt for a company that provides commercial auto insurance that covers vehicles. 

Liability coverage covers any damage and hence protects the commercial vehicle on the road.

Moving is an injury-prone line as it involves loading, unloading and carrying heavy stuff. One wrong lift or accident might cause injury to the person. Hence, the company must have insurance coverage for the employees under worker’s compensation coverage. This takes care of medical bills and covers expenses in case of an injury.


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