Not Everything Will Hibernate in Winter: How to Deal With Critters

Not Everything Will Hibernate in Winter: How to Deal With Critters

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Winter can be joyful, and the seasonal changes are charming and wondrous. However, not everything hibernates when it’s cold, and some of these critters can cause gremlin-like damage.

First, Try to Keep them Out

Common vermin like rodents can easily get into your home and all but take it over if you don’t notice. But you can prevent most vermin damage by simply making it hard for them to get into your home in the first place. Some of the easiest ways to prevent furry little critters from taking over are to seal any cracks and holes. Most don’t have backbones and can squeeze through. Also, store firewood outside, and don’t keep trash near your home.

Squirrels Don’t Hibernate in Winter

Most people aren’t aware that squirrels, although they share a lot in common with other mammals, don’t hibernate in winter. Instead, they gather food in autumn and wait it out in their nests when it’s cold. And although they are one of the cutest things on earth, they can be a nightmare. Squirrels can cause immense damage, will nest in your home, and can carry diseases. Animal scents (like dogs), trimming trees, and sealing gaps will keep them out.

Further Prevention

Of course, squirrels are just one vermin you need to worry about in winter. There are many other common pests, such as mice, cockroaches, and the dreaded spiders, of which around 15% of the world has a phobia. If you need more information on the most common, then PestSearch Pest Control is a great way to view the most common pests where you live.

See the following USA infographic for detailed information at a glance:

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