The Most Popular Interior Sliding Door Models

The Most Popular Interior Sliding Door Models

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Main interior sliding door models

The door in an apartment or private home performs the function of protecting the household from uninvited guests. As for interior analogs, it is better to base your choice on your priorities. After all, modern interior constructions are more than just a protective shield and soundproofing. You can decorate every doorway in the apartment with taste and create an attractive and unique style.

What kind of doors to choose? They come in standard, hinged, sliding, different materials, and bright or natural colors. A specific design of door leaf is suitable for each style.

Install stylish interior doors and highlight the room’s furnishings simultaneously. As a result, you will create harmony in the overall space and realize your design solution. A sliding door consists of one or two wood slat double barn doors, a frame, guides, cassettes, fittings for fixing the movement, door handles, and silicone rollers.

The base of the entrance can be attached to the floor and the ceiling or only at the top. It is not recommended to install the canvas yourself because first, you need to make measurements and then hire a master who will exactly fix the base and guide you to further safety in operation. In addition, you will need a wood slat if the dimensions of the opening will not coincide with the leaf.

Top interior sliding door models

Wooden slat sliding doors are very popular around the world. They are installed by people who want to:

  • zoning the space of a large room or hiding the part of the room where the appliances and equipment are placed, for example;
  • expand the area and increase the working space of the room due to the installation of sliding panels hidden in the wall, so it is used in rooms with small square footage;
  • create a unique luxurious or laconic and austere style, according to all family members’ given designs and desires.

Modern wood sliding doors design looks very elegant in a room and adds zest. These decorative constructions will decorate both large rooms and small ones. Moreover, the latter, with barn doors, will be a perfect island of coziness and warmth.

1. Sliding door barn (single)

It is the simplest design of interior sliding panels. It is mounted on brackets to the wall. Given the large range of materials, you can get an inexpensive but impressive pleasure in the form of a partition to the wall. For example, slat doors made of MDF will come out cheaper than wooden or metal ones. With an imitation solid wood bar, you can recreate a rustic country style and decorate your home with an accent on the entrance and other decorative elements. Such a door is easy to move to the side and does not take up space.  This way, it increases the usable area of the room; you can put the furniture in a place where it will not be possible to do so with a swing design.

2. Double barn door

It is suitable for larger rooms with a wide opening. The construction looks very attractive, especially with frosted glass or mirror inserts. It is ideal for both loft and classic styles. However, the composition will look unusual if you make dark wood doors in a light room, where everything is arranged in an eclectic style.

3. Pocket wooden sliding door design

Another type of double sliding system is pocket one. It hides invisibly inside the walls. It is a significant advantage because such systems look neater, save space and create a unique design. They are suitable for children’s rooms, small kitchens, bathrooms, etc. It is essential not to overload such a door with elements like glass and stained glass. Usually, concealed canvas are placed in small rooms to maximize the walking space. A solid leaf is enough. If you open it completely and leave it like that, you can instantly change the environment, and it will seem that the door does not exist.

 Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors

The partition type depends on the apartment’s layout and the room’s design. But before you buy interior sliding systems, you need to know their positive qualities and disadvantages.


So, modern sliding interior doors have the following advantages:

  1. They give significant space savings.
  2. The sliding door will never chaotically open and close due to drafts.
  3. Such an “inset” helps visually expand the apartment’s small space.
  4. The absence of thresholds is very convenient if the elderly or people with disabilities live in the apartment, as well as small children.
  5. The sliding double-leaf door can divide the room into separate zones, which helps to make the best use of the apartment’s space.
  6. The sliding construction can bring individuality to the standard layout of the apartment, aesthetically changing it for the better.

Easy installation and ease of use make this type of interior partition walls even more popular.


However, it is equally important to know the “disadvantages” of these systems, as installing them, you will need to comply with some operating conditions:

  1. It is necessary to keep the roller system and the upper guiding profile, on which the door leaf will move, always in good condition and clean. Otherwise, the sliding design may fail, and the door will get jammed in one position one day.
  2. Standard wooden sliding door designs do not have quality soundproofing in the room because small gaps will remain between the door frame and the leaf.
  3. The door can not keep odors from cooking if you plan to install it at the entrance to the kitchen.

As a result, interior wooden sliding doors not only look elegant and noble in the interior of any room but also become very popular due to the minimum of visible flaws.

Final words

Considering the easy way of installation, eco-friendly materials in the application of sliding systems, and practicality, they are in demand in interior decoration. Door leaves apply to any style, and quality Italian fittings and durable glass are used for production. Depending on the planned renovation, you can put glass systems or choose natural wood or MDF. If you plan to hide the doors in the wall space, you will have to do a little more work, but it is worth it!


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