7 Steps to Quickly Clearing a House for Renovation

7 Steps to Quickly Clearing a House for Renovation

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Quickly clearing a house will be hard or easy, depending on key things. For example, you need the right attitude first. Otherwise, what seems like an easy job will surely become a nightmare. And this is only the start of a renovation job. So, here are some tips to get off to a good one.

Think About What You Want to Keep

When you are renovating, it helps to make sure the area is as clear as possible. And you might think you just throw everything away. Of course, this can help. But there will be things you want to keep. A whole house renovation means there is nowhere to put your valuables. So you can hire self-storage to place your things. If you don’t have the time or the means to transport your goods, mobile storage services will drop off a container and pick it up when you are ready.

Make a Plan for Quickly Clearing a House

Planning is vital when doing a renovation. And you should have a solid overall plan. But your plan should also be broken down into smaller sub-plans. And this includes your plan for clearing the property. The plan should consist of how to maximize safety when clearing and what can go in the dump. But also don’t forget to create a doable timeframe for everything since some services and the availability of people to help you might be limited to certain times.

Suit Up and Protect Yourself

There are many hazards in a home, some of which you don’t even know are there. One of the main ones is dust. So always protect your eyes from dust with goggles. And, of course, wear a mask so you don’t breathe it in. Additionally, there might be lead-based paint chips in the walls and even the dreaded asbestos in ceiling and floor tiles. If this is the case, you will need to call in an expert asbestos removal service, so have this checked beforehand to save a lot of time.

Clear Out the Clutter and Trash First

So, when you have done your safety checks and the property is safe to begin working on, go through the home and essentially get rid of anything that you don’t need and isn’t nailed down: 

  • Identify the worst cluttered places and begin removal of stuff there first.
  • Grab some bin bags and basically sweep the room, placing everything in them.
  • Separate garbage clutter and useful clutter, such as clothes, so you can donate them.
  • Be careful about personal data and shred paper clutter if you feel it’s necessary.
  • Place non-cutter items such as medication, food, and cleaning products separately.

Not everything is what you would call clutter. And some items can be dangerous. So pay attention to sharps, drugs, and glass when clearing clutter for the safety of everyone there.

Switch Off Gas, Water, and Electricity

The last thing you want when renovating a house is a gas leak, flood damage, or an electrical fire. These will be costly to remedy and will set you back tons of time. As a result, your plan for renovation and, indeed, clearing a house will be thrown off. And if you are using spare time to do this, such as PTO from work, this can be a disaster. Switching these off is typically pretty easy. But if you aren’t sure, ask someone who knows what they are doing to give you a hand.

Get Help when Quickly Clearing a House

You can clear a house yourself. But it takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Additionally, moving heavy items can be dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment. So, enlist the help of some of your friends and family to save on costs. Often, people won’t mind doing this so long as you pay for dinner and return the favor when they need you. Alternatively, you can hire expert removal services to help you. But these are additional costs you may not have the funds for.

Secure the Property

Finally, securing a property when renovating or moving is often overlooked. And you never know who is watching. You may not be able to remove everything, such as a large TV, and this is attractive to thieves. And then there are vandals who just want to come in and damage your home for no good reason. Traditional and smart locks work well. Yet CCTV is even better. However, you can also cover the windows and make it hard for someone to access the home.


It helps your overall renovation plan when quickly clearing a house for work later on. However, it also helps with safety. So, think about what you want to keep and store your valuables. Then go through and throw out clutter and garbage. And secure your home to avoid criminal damage.


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