Customize Your Activity Tracker with a Fitbit Strap

Customize Your Activity Tracker with a Fitbit Strap

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Fitbit is a long-standing hero in the activity tracking world, almost pioneering the genre itself. The main advantage of a Fitbit smartwatch is that the straps are easily interchangeable. This allows you to personalize your smartwatch in no time.

Fitbit straps

You may be wondering then, where does one find good Fitbit straps? Certainly, you can buy official Fitbit straps. Keep in mind that brands always have an upcharge, and not necessarily because the quality is higher.

There are many retailers of watch straps too. Find one that specializes in Fitbit straps, to ensure you’ve got the right connector. Our tip is to avoid dropshipping companies, and instead choose a reseller of Fitbit straps that offers a nice return policy in case your strap doesn’t fit or suit your style.

How to change your Fitbit strap

Changing your Fitbit wristband is very easy, and can be done at any time without the need for tools. Most Fitbit watches simply have a button on the back of the watch, which allows you to remove your old strap with one click. The new strap will click back into place.

Other Fitbit watch straps like the ones on the Fitbit Inspire 3 have a pin system. In this case, you’ll have to slide the pin open towards the middle, which detaches the strap from the watch case. To attach your new strap, put one side into the connector and slide the pin open to allow the other side to attach as well.

Why change out your strap?

It’s no surprise that the Fitbit strap you get once you purchase your Fitbit is of good quality, but it’s not designed to last forever. Most people looking for a new strap therefore, are simply looking for a replacement Fitbit strap.

Others might want a bit more customization, something to catch the eye, or something that matches their personal style more. Most Fitbit straps are made of silicone, and you might want to upgrade from this once you get your new Fitbit. Something like a Milanese strap or leather strap is certainly a lot more professional.

The fact that it’s so easy to change your strap also means that you can mix and match during the day. Maybe you want a nice leather strap while you’re working, but want to switch out to a breathable silicone strap for your workout. This is certainly possible and changing it up can be a great way to keep it fresh as well.

Different kinds of Fitbit straps

The most popular kind of Fitbit band is the silicone strap, simply because they’re so versatile. You can wear them 24/7, during sports and even swimming. They’re comfortable and very durable. It’s no wonder that most smart watches come with a silicone strap as standard.

If you’re looking for a bit more class, a metal or leather strap is certainly the type for you. These straps offer a more formal or professional appearance. Great for when you want to wear your Fitbit during work or during a dinner party, for example.

Nylon straps offer the most comfort out of all the straps. The soft woven nylon feels great on the skin and is a popular choice for Fitbit watches as people often wear them day and night, to take full advantage of the advanced sleep tracking technology.


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