The Ideal Cleaning Schedule for a Busy Home

The Ideal Cleaning Schedule for a Busy Home

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When you have multiple kids running around, your house quickly turns into an homage to messiness. Things are strewn all over the place, your carpets take a battering, and all the other parental responsibilities stop you from cleaning up. Well, they don’t stop you, but they do distract you to the point that you forget to clean. 

Nobody likes a messy home, but it can be hard to get into a cleaning schedule. In this post, you’ll see the ideal schedule that anyone can follow: 

Daily cleaning

First up, you need to get into the habit of cleaning every day. Don’t worry, I’m not saying you need a thorough cleaning every single day! 

Instead, it’s more about remembering to pick things up off the floor or sweep away crumbs in the kitchen. Wipe down surfaces after using them – particularly in the bathroom when they’re wet. 

Doing these little things will make the rest of your cleaning chores much easier. Encourage your family to do the same too – get your kids into the habit of cleaning up after themselves!

Weekly cleaning

Every week, you should vacuum and dust your house. Do this once or twice and you will truly have a cleaner home that’s way more enjoyable to live in. 

Plus, with your little bits of daily cleaning, it should be much easier to vacuum and dust without it taking too long. Especially if you have time to do it twice a week – you’re not giving the dirt and dust time to settle in and become difficult to remove. 

Monthly cleaning

Some cleaning tasks can be done every month, rather than every week. This includes cleaning your windows, mopping floors, and giving your bathroom a proper clean. 

There’s no point doing these things every week as they don’t get dirty enough and your regular cleaning should tackle them anyway. But, each month, you should have a deeper cleaning of your home that targets these areas. 

Annual cleaning

That’s right, you also have some annual cleaning tasks. These are the best because you don’t have to constantly worry about them. Plus, you rarely have to do them yourself. 

Here, we’re talking about proper deep cleaning. Your carpets should be cleaned by professionals once a year for optimal maintenance. Other parts of your home also deserve deep cleanings – like furnishing and furniture. Places like are very useful in this situation as you can hire housekeepers to conduct deep cleaning. It frees up your time, but it also ensures that professional cleaners get the job done. Professionals have access to tools and products that you don’t, so they’re able to get deeper and do a better job. 

Just like that, you’ve got a cleaning schedule to follow. Keep up with the small daily and weekly cleaning habits and your house will instantly be nicer. Add the monthly and yearly ones to round things off and keep your property in perfect condition for longer. At the end of the day, you’re more likely to enjoy spending time at home when it’s nice and clean at all times. 


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  • So long as you aren’t letting mould grow in your home you’re doing a decent job. One thing I’d add to this article is that if you find mould growing anywhere inside it’s best not to leave it for a monthly cleaning schedule but tackle the problem right away.

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