Bringing the Outdoors Inside: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Apartment

Bringing the Outdoors Inside: A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Apartment

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In the grand tapestry of British living, where the charm of green spaces often plays hide and seek with the urban sprawl, the quest to smuggle a slice of the great outdoors into our cosy apartments is nothing short of a noble endeavour. It’s about turning the concrete jungle into a lush, indoor Eden without the hassle of weather forecasts. Let’s embark on this jolly jaunt to greenify your space, with a sprinkle of plants and a good dollop of creative juices.

Green Thumbs and Fingers

Why settle for a pot plant in the corner when you can go full Tarzan? Think about giving your walls a job as vertical gardens, crafting a terrarium that’s more Buckingham Palace’s gardens than a glass bowl, or starting a kitchen herb garden that would make Jamie Oliver weep with joy. It’s about bringing in the green without having to mow it!

Let There Be Light (and a Bit of Drama)

We’re all about maximising that glorious British sunlight – when it deigns to grace us with its presence, that is. Keep those windows clear of any fabric that dares to block the sun’s grand entrance. And if you’re feeling particularly clever, a well-placed mirror can work wonders, reflecting light like a disco ball minus the 70s vibe.

The Sound of Water (Without the Plumbing Woes)

Ever thought about installing a water feature indoors? It’s like having your own personal babbling brook, minus the wellies and the actual brook. It’s about bringing in the zen with the gentle sound of water, making you forget you’re in a bustling city and not by a serene lakeside (rainy days not included).

A Nod to Nature, With a Twist

Why not deck the halls with boughs of… well, not holly, but something green! Wallpaper with a botanical flair, cushions that scream “I’ve been to a garden once,” and art that makes you feel outdoorsy are all fair game. It’s about being one with nature, even if the closest you’ve been to a forest lately is your last spruce-scented candle.

Create an Outdoor Room (No Planning Permission Needed)

Do you have a balcony or a scrap of outdoor space? It’s time to turn it into your own secret garden, minus the secret. Think outdoor rugs, fairy lights, and maybe a dash of artificial grass for that “I’m on the lawn” feeling without any of the mud or the need to call an artificial grass company for a quote. It’s about blurring the lines between in and out without actually having to go out.

Seasonal Shenanigans

And let’s not forget the British weather’s favourite pastime: changing seasons. Rotate your indoor jungle with the calendar, from spring blossoms to autumnal hues, making your apartment a live-in mood ring that reflects the great British outdoors come rain or shine (mostly rain, let’s be honest).

By infusing your urban oasis with these nifty tips, your apartment will soon echo the great outdoors. It’s about making your space a little greener, a tad quirkier, and a whole lot more delightful, proving that you can take the Brit out of the countryside, but you can’t take the countryside out of the Brit. Cheers to that!


Eric is the creator of At Home in the Future and has been a passionate fan of the future since he was seven. He's a web developer by trade, and serves as the Director of Communication and Technology for a large church in Nashville, TN (where he and his family are building a high tech home in the woods).

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