These Red Flags Are Immovable Proof of a Problematic Moving Company

These Red Flags Are Immovable Proof of a Problematic Moving Company

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The benefits of using a removals company when relocating speak for themselves – as well as taking the stress of loading and unloading off your shoulders, a company of this nature can keep your things safe, and even often stored, until those keys are in your hands. 

That’s great news but, let’s be honest, entrusting your entire life’s belongings to a third party can also be pretty daunting. This is why many of us will do thorough research into what a good removal company should offer. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, there are still some less-than-ideal moving companies out there, and falling foul of their offerings could see you wasting money, putting your belongings at risk, and generally facing unwanted stress on an already big day.

Of course, there are some red flags of fraudulent movers that you should always avoid with a barge pole, including a lack of accreditation, cash-only payments, and high deposits. But, even outside of these obvious warning signs, indications that a so-called high-quality moving company might not be best for you include – 

# 1 – Multiple negative reviews

Every company gets negative reviews, but if a moving company has multiple negative reviews (e.g. a third or more of their reviews are on the negative side), then it may be a sign that there are serious issues at play. You’ll especially want to avoid companies with a lot of negative reviews that report issues like last-minute time changes, breakages, or generally poor mover attitudes. 

# 2 – Charging by cubic feet, not poundage

The vast majority of moving companies will charge by moving poundage, e.g. the amount of things that they’re expected to move. This means that you only pay for the service you use, and you’re generally able to get a reliable estimate in advance. Unfortunately, some moving companies charge by cubic feet instead. This is bad news because it means that you won’t have any real idea of what you can expect to pay before the service is already provided. It can also end up costing you more, as your rate ultimately depends on how those movers pack your items. And, let’s be honest, they’ve got a pretty good incentive not to pack efficiently! 

# 3 – Low-cost offers

We all want a bargain, especially when we’ve just invested in everything from a new home to the moving supplies necessary to get us to this point. But, a removal company that offers significantly lower prices than its competitors is often too good to be true. Low-cost movers are especially guilty of often charging additional extras for things that other movers will include in their standard pricing, including additional moving supplies, overnight storage, or even room-by-room unloading. Low costs can also signify cut corners, which may result in broken valuables, lost items, and generally lackluster service. 

Moving day is stressful enough, let alone when your moving company doesn’t operate how it should. Ensure the big day runs as smoothly as possible by always avoiding these red flags for a problematic moving company. 


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