Organizing the Home Before Decorating

Organizing the Home Before Decorating

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It’s almost that time of year when we love to refresh the home. But there are tons of things to do before decorating if you want fantastic results. It often takes a lot longer than you think, and money can be an issue. But you can sell stuff beforehand and then move on to a good clean.

Check for Structural Issues

Not all homes are perfect, and even new homes can begin to show signs of structural damage. The last thing you want is to halt your decorating halfway through because of something that could have been remedied earlier. Roofing issues are a great example. Spring is the most popular time to decorate. Services such as can help when spring throws storms at your home. A quick inspection can make a massive difference to the project.

Sell Stuff for Extra Cash

Like everything else, the cost of decorating supplies, such as paint, has gone through the roof. Yet decorating is a time for change. What you once valued in the space can become irrelevant, meaning it will take up space somewhere else. So what do you do? Sell stuff, of course. Raising money for your project through selling can alleviate some of the financial pressure. And it’s easier than ever. Today, you can sell stuff in hours using popular online services such as eBay.

Get Storage Items Before Decorating

Selling stuff you no longer need is a great way to raise money for decorating. Of course, there is always stuff you cannot part with. Maybe you just want to hang on to something. Or perhaps there is sentimental value. Given the average American home contains around 300,000 items, you will need somewhere to put the stuff you clear from rooms you want to decorate. Storage boxes are a great start. However, these need space, such as an attic or off-site self-storage.

Give the Area a Good Old Clean

After the room is cleared, you can get to work. The first job should constantly be cleaning the space when decorating. This helps make the area safer to work with. But it also ensures your paint or wallpaper will apply with a much nicer finish. Begin by dusting and get into all corners and crevices. Sugar soap removes grime from the walls, and it is surprising how much there can be. This is also one of the most vigorous jobs, so enlist any help from the kids or a friend.

Come Up with a Clear Plan

For the most part, decorating a room is pretty straightforward. But it always helps to have some kind of plan. This can be as vague or as detailed as you like. The point is to have some direction. This helps when deciding on colors, patterns, and textures. You will also get more satisfying results if you have a clear vision of how the finished room should look. A vision can be challenging for some. Looking for inspiration in magazines or browsing Pinterest usually helps.


A quick check for structural issues should be done before decorating a room. It also helps to sell extra stuff or store your items. And a plan with a clear vision will result in a pleasing finish.


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