Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Moving House

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Moving house is a mammoth task, and it only gets more stressful and bigger as your household grows. To avoid making any wrong moves when selling, here are eight mistakes to avoid when moving house. Hopefully, with these mistakes noted, you can have a much more seamless move that’s stress-free.

Picking The Wrong Agent

The first thing that tends to go wrong when it comes to moving house is picking the wrong agent. With so many agents available for you to choose from in your local area, it’s only natural that some will be overwhelmed and go with the first agency that they come across. That’s where the first mistake can happen because if they don’t have a fantastic track record of selling property, then they aren’t going to do well with yours. You want to look at their reputation not only with current and past homeowners but with the property industry in general. Have they won any awards, and how much of a success rate do they have with selling a property? You want a property agent that many people turn to when it comes to buying their next home. That way, you have a much better chance of selling your home if they know what they’re doing.

Not Pushing For Better Photos

Photographs are taken whenever you are having your home sold. Some agents will use what they have within their office in terms of taking photos, and although some agents will be good at taking photos, you do risk those who are very bad at taking them. Other estate agents may use external photographers who are professionally experienced with taking property photos, and that’s something worth considering. You certainly have a right to turn around and ask for new photos if those ones that they’re putting up to attract buyers are not showing off your home to its full potential. A lot of agents will make sure it’s the very best because they, after all, will want to sell your property too.

Planning The Move Last Minute

The madness of selling a home can often mean that homeowners forget the other half of selling their home, and that’s the moving aspect. This is something that you want to have pre-planned as soon as you secure your next home or have the move out date for your current property. The best furniture removal services will book up fast, so you want to book them as far in advance as you can. This also means you can prepare and give yourself enough time to pack up your belongings. The last thing you want to do is to be doing your packing the night before and pulling an all-nighter during a weekday where you’ve forgotten to take time off work.

Miscalculating The Costs

Budgeting for a move is not going to be cheap, and so you want to be strict with your budget and factoring in every detail possible, even those that you can’t predict to some extent. Remember that when it comes to moving house, the costs don’t just end at the price of your property. You need to think about potential stamp duty, any fees for conveyancing, and solicitor fees. Your estate agents will also take a cut of your profit, and then you also want to manage your costs for the actual move from one property to the other. You don’t want to get yourself into debt, so ensure that your calculations are correct. There’s going to be some costs that are unexpected, but if you can estimate the majority, you can then reduce the impact it will have on your bank balance.

Setting The Selling Price Too High

We all want to make as much profit on a property when it comes to selling it. However, you need to be realistic at the same time. Your estate agent will value your property, and it’s also worth getting it valued by a number of estate agents in order to get an idea of what the value of your home is likely to be from a professional standpoint. You can have a say on how much you put your property on the market for, but it’s worth taking the advice of your estate agent. Overpricing it is only going to put off potential buyers, so think about what’s being suggested and look at all the other similar properties around your area and then come to a decision.

Ignoring Major Fixes And Problems

When selling your home, you might be alerted to any building issues that might need addressing before you move. This is because all of this information would get passed onto buyers, and if there’s major fixes or damages to your property, they’re not going to want to pay a lot of money to only pay even more once it’s in their name. Don’t ignore these major fixes and try to fix anything you can, and that’s worth fixing.

Poorly Dressing Your Home

And finally, remember you want to show off your home when it comes to selling it. If the space is messy or the rooms aren’t laid out for their original intention, some buyers won’t be able to see past that. You need to give your property the best chance at selling, and that means dressing it well. Always try to keep your property in a good state and clean up after yourself so that you do not have to do a three or four hour clean the night before a viewing. Get a fresh bunch of flowers before a viewing because something as simple as that can end up making a huge difference. Dress your home well, and that could be the make or break for when it comes to selling your property.

Mistakes can be easily made when it comes to moving house, so follow these tips to make a move easier on yourself and your household. Pick the right agent, prepare your move in advance, and everything should run smoothly.


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