4 Awesome Benefits of Self-Building

4 Awesome Benefits of Self-Building

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Have you spent years searching for that dream home, only to find that it simply doesn’t exist? Have you viewed dozens upon dozens of homes that are “close enough” or “almost but not quite” and almost pulled the trigger on making an offer only to decide that “close enough” simply won’t cut it? It’s a common occurrence among those who have simply failed to find a home that meets all of their criteria in their chosen area and simply refused to settle. For these people the most obvious solution, building their own, is a far more viable option than they may realize. Sure, it can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive but let’s not pretend that buying a home under any other circumstances is any different. Besides, self-building has a range of intrinsic advantages. Let’s take a look at some now…

You can build a home that’s well and truly yours

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first shall we? Building your home allows you to build to your exact specifications. When developers build properties they do so in the most cost efficient and advantageous way possible for them. By self-building you take matters into your own hands. What’s more, liaising with Contemporary Architects will enable you to coordinate with knowledgeable and creative people who will bring their own ideas to the table to create something you could never dream up on your own.

You can build in energy efficiency

We all want to live in an energy efficient home. Not only does it ensure that we do our bit to help the environment, it can also save us a small fortune in energy costs. Sometimes energy efficiency is an inexpensive affair, like switching to energy saving light bulbs, but in other cases it can require serious remodeling. Installing solar panels, energy efficient windows and doors, or a grey water shower can be a costly and time-consuming affair. When self-building however, you can weave a wealth of energy saving solutions into the fabric of your home.

Location, location, location

We all know how much location adds to the value of a property, and in some desirable areas, the cost of a home can be prohibitive while land can be surprisingly affordable. Prior to proper planning permissions, you can potentially build a home in your dream area for a fraction of what your neighbors paid for their ready made homes.

More bang for your buck

So long as you’re shrewd with your building materials and labor costs, the aggregate costs of building your own home almost certainly offer you greater value and bang for your buck than building a ready made property. While people who self-build tend to self-build to settle, you may be pleasantly surprised should you need to re-sell.

An enormous sense of accomplishment

Last of all… There aren’t sufficient words to describe how you’ll feel spending your first night in your self-built home. The enormous sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness is what leaves self-builders, even those who have faced arduous building processes to consider the venture so completely worth the effort and expense.



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