How to Prepare for a Hurricane

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

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Hurricanes can be truly devastating for those affected; destroying homes, nature and often lives. While it is impossible to prevent hurricanes, preparing for one can significantly minimize the carnage left behind. If you live in areas that are prone to this kind of weather then you should have hurricane insurance to file the claim for damage to your property. There are several measures you can take to ensure you are as ready as possible for when Mother Nature gets mad.

Boarding Up

To help keep the elements on the outside of your home and to protect your windows from high winds and flying debris, boarding up for a hurricane is a must. Exterior grade plywood is suggested to be the best material to use, at least five-eighths of an inch thick. Shutters can also be purchased from your nearest department store.

Head and Foot Bolts

If you don’t already, it would be wise to fit head and foot bolts on your door pre-hurricane season. This small addition could prevent your doors blowing in in the wind, leaving your home unprotected from the elements and anything else that wants to come in! There are plenty of bolts available that are attractive as well as functional for your home.

Stock Up

It is essential to be prepared for being stuck indoors for a prolonged amount of time during a hurricane. This includes making sure you have plenty of non-perishable food at home, bottled water, and a stock of first aid and any life-saving medicine (insulin for a person with diabetes for example). Find helpful stock lists online for the must-haves for your emergency stash!

Prepare a Power Source

Power outages are common during hurricanes, so it is essential that you have a plan in place to get your home up and running again, especially in extreme heat or cold conditions. A wise idea would be having measures in place such as a hurricane backup Generac generator, as well as pumps available to use in the event of flooding. While these may be an initial expense, they last years and are a useful investment.

Roof Straps

Hurricane straps can help to prevent damage caused to the roof of your home during a hurricane. This is something that obviously needs to be prepared well in advance, preferably on installation. It is a measure that will almost certainly save you lots of money in the long run and will be effective for many years to come.

Secure Everything

If you have gates at your home, a hurricane may well cause you some very expensive issues! Ensure that gates, and anything else that can be blown open or moved, including trees, garden furniture, toys like trampolines, etc. are strapped down as securely as possible. If in doubt about something, secure it. This will save you money on repairs to yours (and your neighbors!) property.

These are just a few measures that you can take to help to keep your family safe, prevent damage and save money in the event of a hurricane. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so preparing well in advance can be extremely beneficial and keep you one step ahead.


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