3 Ways to Save Money on Subscription Services

3 Ways to Save Money on Subscription Services

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There’s a subscription service for just about anything you can think of these days. Whether it’s TV, movies, music, books, or food, you can pay for a monthly service, which is great. But there is a big downside and subscriptions are often a silent budget killer. Once you set up the subscription and the payments start coming out, it’s so easy to forget about it. A lot of these subscriptions are quite small payments so you don’t think that you’re spending that much, but if you add up all of the different ones, the cost quickly stacks up. The good news is, there are ways that you can still use the services and reduce the cost at the same time. These are some of the best ways to save money on subscriptions. 

Be Realistic About What You Need 

So many people are reluctant to cancel a subscription because they might use it in future or they promise themselves that they’re going to start using it more. A gym membership is a prime example of this because people just say that they’ll start using it next week, or the week after, but if they cancel it now they’ll never do it. The same happens with streaming services if people have more than one. They end up keeping services because there are one or two movies on there that they want to watch at some point. Sometimes, it’s also worth thinking about whether you actually need to pay a subscription for something at all, and food services are a prime example of this. If you are paying for a delivery of ingredients and recipes every day, why not just learn to cook and then you can get free recipes online and buy the ingredients yourself, which is going to be so much cheaper. 

Public Domain Content 

When it comes to things like TV, movies, and books, there is a lot of stuff that you have to pay for. But there is also a lot of things that you don’t have to pay for because they are in the public domain. If you can make do with the free stuff instead, you don’t have to pay the subscriptions at all. For example, you can install tea tv and use it to watch free content, rather than paying every month for Netflix or Amazon Prime. If you pay a monthly subscription for books, you could be saving a lot of money because there are sites like Project Gutenberg that have thousands of public domain books available for free. You can also find a lot of great IPTV providers here.

Get Referral Bonuses 

So many subscription services have a referral program that gives you bonuses, but most people just ignore it. Often you can get money off a delivery or a few months for free if you get friends to sign up as well. It’s worth asking around and seeing if anybody was planning on starting a subscription anyway because you can both get money off if they sign up through the referral program. 

Subscription services can easily ruin your budget if you don’t keep on top of them, but you can use these simple tricks to cut the cost by quite a bit. 


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