Away from Your Home Often? Keeping an Eye on Your Home Anyway

Away from Your Home Often? Keeping an Eye on Your Home Anyway

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If you’re away from home a lot of the time, you’re going to want a few measures in place to keep peace of mind. After all, our homes can be big targets for all kinds of criminal activities and/or natural damage, and it’s good to know you can always keep an eye on what’s going on with your property and all of its contents. 

So, without further ado, let’s go through a few of the best ways to keep an eye on your home whenever you’re away from it. In the modern day and age, technology can be one of your best friends in securing what you love, as long as you use it properly

Focus on Your WIFI First

Your WIFI needs to be the first thing you secure. Your WIFI is going to be the one thing a smart home system or anything wireless will connect to, allowing you to keep in touch with it at all times. So, it only follows that your WIFI needs to be your focus first, before you invest in anything else. 

It’s been found that 1 in 4 WIFI hotspots around the world are unsecured, so it’s important that your WIFI doesn’t fall into this statistic as well. Not to mention that if your WIFI is unsecured by the time you connect it up, all of your new devices are going to be at risk as well. And if you’re not sure how secure your WIFI is right now, there’s a couple of things you can do. 

You can set up a new, more complicated password – you can also change this password at least twice a year, to ensure it’s as fresh as possible, and no one outside of your home can use it for too long (if they get hold of it). 

Know What Makes a Smart Home

A smart home system needs to have a few factors to it to ensure it’s right for you and your household. A smart home system needs to be compatible with the phone you’ll be using to connect to it, and you’re going to need a system that has long range WIFI installed within it, to ensure the entirety of your home (inside and out) are covered by the system’s protection. Be sure to read into the information on the package, the website, as well as any reviews you can find of the system itself – make sure you get advice from people who have actually used the smart home system! 

One of the main things a smart home security system needs to have is a dummy alarm feature – you need to be able to set up something that looks and sounds like an alarm outside the house that criminals are going to be able to see. So most of all, make sure the kit you’re interested in includes one of these alarms. 

Set Up Outdoors Cameras

You’re going to want to acquaint yourself with the world of wireless cameras, if you want to keep your home as secure as possible. Even just having an app enabled doorbell, to alert you who’s at the door whenever the bell is pressed or a movement sensor goes off, can ensure you know what’s going on at home at all times. 

When something is wireless, there’s no chance of the wires being snipped to cut the connection. Similarly, you can connect to them from anywhere – you don’t have to be around physically to be able to see what’s going on on the camera screens. Not to mention there’s a cloud system usually at work behind the scenes, to ensure footage is uploaded and secured whenever it is taken. 

So, you might want to consider wireless outdoor security camera systems; they’re easy to set up, easy to connect with, and easy to password protect to ensure you’re the only one who’s got access to the cameras around your home. As long as you know where you’re installing the cameras, and how many cameras you’re installing, you’ll be able to find a camera system that suits your budget and gives you peace of mind. 

If you’re someone who’s away from home a lot, and you’re worried about just how safe your property is whilst you’re away, make sure you consider the above ideas for retaining your peace of mind. Don’t worry; your house can be made a lot safer via a few simple means, as long as you’ve got the right tech on your side. 


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